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sugardaddy takes a picture of sugar sisters

In the world of sugar dating the formulas can be endless, from agreements in which there is total exclusivity, to open relationships. A sugardaddy can search for very different things depending on the vital moment in which he is. In the game of sugardating or “sugar bowl” there is a wide range of possibilities. These types of agreements include so-called “sugar sister” agreements.

What is a sugar sister?

A sugar sister is a sugarbaby who is in the relationship between an SD and another SB. In addition one sugar sister knows and is related to the other sugarbaby.

There are several types of “sugar syster” relationships, sometimes the sugar daddy decides to put a new partner in the game. Other times two friends decide to find a sugardaddy for both of them because they feel more secure. Other times it is the sugar babe who decides to get a friend into the relationship.

Whatever happens, it is definitely a game of three, in which an SD decides an agreement with two sugar babys whom he helps financially, gives them gifts or helps them on their professional scale. Within this relationship, the sugar daddy will seek to date both of them in the same way, have his company and it will be an agreement with both.

How to be a sugar syster?

When you already have a sugarsyster with whom you share everything, there are usually no problems, the bad thing is when you have to share what you thought was just for you, this can be frustrating. Surely a thousand thoughts come to your mind, from leaving the relationship to ending the new SB. When you are raised to be a sugar syster, the agreement is negotiated again knowing exactly what your role in the relationship should be or if it will affect the relationship.

It is best to give yourself time to get used to and try to see the positive in this relationship. Usually a three-way relationship is fun and the conversations flow into the wee hours of the morning. Ask your sugar daddy to give you information about her to fit into the relationship, keep in mind that the world of sugar dating is full of news and experiences so don’t miss out on jealousy or being possessive.

How to deal with the new agreement with your sugardaddy?

Since SB you have to know that this can happen, a sugardaddy may decide to bring a new sugarbaby to get the three of them out. You should be informed in advance about how you will welcome your sugarsyster aside from jealousy or scandal. We know this can be difficult, but there are certain things you can do to make the whole process as easy and comfortable as possible. Here, we will share how you can welcome a sugarsyster, make her feel comfortable, and keep your daddy happy.

  1. Find time to talk about it with your sugardaddy

The best thing you can do is be positive and proactive in the process of bringing a new sugarbaby into the relationship. Of course it is not a good idea to stay on the sidelines without knowing what is happening on the other side of the relationship. Relationships between 3 or polyamory have always existed. You can search for information about Polyamory online if you wish. With this in mind, you should sit down and talk to your sugar daddy about it.

By talking to your sugar daddy, you will be able to find out about her through him, what he likes about her, what makes him so interested in her. Understanding this can take some time and can be quite difficult. But good communication will open doors to a whole new world of experiences.

In doing this, you should also try not to make your sugardaddy feel uncomfortable with your questions. Make him understand the fact that you are asking why you care, and that you plan to build a solid foundation for your future relationship together.

  1. Organize a meeting with your SugarDaddy and Sugar Sister

Meeting her in person is a sign that you want to make your sugardaddy happy and that you care about the relationship. Ideally, this meeting should be short and precise. Find a place where they can have a quick coffee together. This step may be awkward, but it will help you accept the current situation and get through it as quickly as possible.

When meeting your sugarsister, you should try as much as possible to keep your smile and be respectful. Never try to boast of the fact that you are already his current SB and that you are the owner of his heart, stay away from your usual jokes with him and do not tell him in principle the feelings towards your SD. This can make you suspicious, leave this for later.

After the meeting make her understand the fact that you are happy to meet her in person and that you would like to see her often. Once this is done, you can finish with a hug to show that you are friendly and confirm your kind gestures.

  1. The two must hang out

Maybe you were able to keep things online after your first meeting with your sugarsister and after subsequent appointments together, you can suggest a girls-only date. Here, you will go on a date with her without your sugardaddy or her interference. With this, you can get to know her better and make her feel comfortable. You really should know if you are compatible with her, understand her feelings and try to be friends. If the latter is not possible, you should ask your SD.

  1. It can be uncomfortable, but it’s worth it

There is no denying that this will not be uncomfortable. There can be two ways in a sugardating relationship in which a new SB enters. The best thing is to try to make her your friend and feel comfortable, in short, to be your sugarsister. However, if in the end you do not like his way of being or acting, it may be time to talk to your sugardaddy and raise the situation with him.

  1. Exchange of contact information

In order for you to get your contact information, you don’t need to get along. Whenever you are on good ground to talk to her, you should have her contact details and send her a message. With this, you can send her a text message and call her whenever you want. This will prevent you from having to ask your sugardaddy before fixing something with her or seeing her.

  1. Focus on being calm

The first moments when a sugardaddy tells you that a SB will enter the relationship this can be frustrating. Try to have time for yourself and relax. Take it as a game and don’t make a mountain out of a grain of sand.

What is it like for a sugardaddy to have two sugarbabes?

Although for many men dating two women can be fabulous, many times the reality is that it is not easy. Jealousy and competitiveness, like real beauty, can bring out the bad in people. So if you are SD and you plan this type of relationship, you must be attentive and fair with the two, making them get along and creating a climate of equality.

What is a sugar sister for a sugardaddy?
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What is a sugar sister for a sugardaddy?
Learn what a sugarsister is and how to have this type of relationship in sugar dating
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