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sugardaddy and sugarbaby having dinner in first date

Congratulations, you’ve got the long-awaited appointment with a Sugar Daddy, this may be a good opportunity and the search for a wonderful Daddy is over. It is possible that you can begin to build that long-lasting relationship that you expect.On your first date with your sugar daddy, you will undoubtedly be nervous, cross your fingers so that everything goes well and you will enjoy a mature and interesting personality as much as he will enjoy your look. At this time you are assaulted by questions of how to dress, make up and dress for your date.

One of the things that is sure to happen is the question of “Tell me more about you?”, An open question that will leave you wondering … what should I say now … Do I tell you about my life at university? Shall I tell you about my dog? Of course telling your life from top to bottom I don’t think you should and talking about your dog maybe another day if he doesn’t bring up the subject of animals.

One of the best ways to start is by looking for the similarities in the likes you see on the website . In sugar daddy UK you have a lot of options to personalize your profile take advantage of them because an active girl with hobbies will always be more interesting than another one who does not put anything. For example, if you like skiing, hiking or any sport it is good that you put it on and do not skimp on words. It will be a good start in the conversation through the web and later in the conversation of the appointment. But just as important as knowing the right things is avoiding the wrong things when we speak. Here we show you the definitive NOs that you should never get on a date with your sugardaddy.

Out sad stories of your painful life

This point is so important that it must be repeated twice: there are no sad and painful stories . Sad tales of I have no money to castrate my dog ​​and he leaves me the dusty teddy bear. Or I don’t have money to buy books so I have to flirt with the college geek who seems to have abandoned the deodorant the day he was born. Etc. You know what I mean, no?

This also includes discussing your financial problems. Yes, it is great to discuss what your budget is and what you are looking for, but don’t try to sound desperate. You two have already agreed to get together for mutual reasons, letting your personality and future goals speak. There are much better and more ingenious ways to convey the help you need from him.

Don’t go too deep into your personal life.

The reason you are looking for a sugar babe relationship is to escape from your normal life. He wants to focus on you, feeling what he can’t feel with an older woman, he wants a distraction from anything else that is happening at work, or at home. If you mention that you are divorced and have children, do not ask why the marriage did not work and what your children’s names are. It may sound good to ask her about her family, but a first date is not the right time for that.

If you mention that you’re going through a divorce, just try to change the subject sympathetically until you can turn the conversation into lighter, more fun and connected topics. Don’t use the opportunity to talk about how your parents’ divorce affected you.

Leave WhatsApp and phone silent

Something not to say on a date is I will check my phone for a moment . We are at a time when talking on the phone or checking WhatsApp in the middle of an appointment seems normal and we even do it automatically. You see that your phone has lit up in the bag and automatically and without thinking you take it to check who has written to you. Remember that a first date is where your sugardaddy will form the first impressions of you. If you pick up your phone it will be somewhat disrespectful and he will think that you are getting bored or going over it and he will think that it will go further in the following appointments so it will probably be a very unfortunate gesture. If you really need to check the phone, take advantage when you go to the bathroom to do it.

Don’t ask too much about his work

It is difficult for a sugardaddy to tell him what he does on the first date. You want to know how much he earns and how much he will be willing to offer you, it is possible that he does talk about some business successes of his trips and what type of house they have or their tastes or car. With that it will be more than enough to know what kind of Daddy game you are in front of.

There are sugar daddys who can have small businesses and not a big car and can become more generous than men with a lot of money. So it will be his way of moving, paying and where he invites you or the expenses he does that indicate if he is generous or not. It is possible that on the first appointment it is an ideal time to discuss your needs above to know if You can meet them, ask for the budget instead of asking for the number of zeros in your checking account since, as I said above, sometimes it is not the best information to know if we are interested.

Discretion really matters

And one way to show that you understand the importance of being discreet is to choose your words carefully when you are in a public place. This is very important on a first date because the two of you are getting to know each other and are asking a lot of questions. Chances are you meet him in a busy, public place like a cafe or restaurant and you shouldn’t talk about things that get a lot of attention.

It is important to find a nice site so you don’t have to speak too loud . An example of being discreet in conversation is not to mention that they met on a social network. Asking why she has joined a dating website or talking about it is not the most appropriate conversation for that place. Nor openly say why are you looking for a sugarbaby? or things like that, rather ask what you’re looking for in a girl and things like that.

If you see that you get nervous talking about things like money or the things you need, perhaps you prefer to discuss this in private. In those cases just smile and tell him good. How about we talk about it later on the phone? And then switch to another conversation where he can feel comfortable and have a good time. These little things matter a lot on the first dates and sometimes we don’t realize it. If you have impressed them, it is normal that the agreement arrives quickly and it is he who offers it to you.

Things you should not say on the first date
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Things you should not say on the first date
Learn the things best not to say on the first date
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