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woman in front of man who is sitting is suggestive and sexy

A long time ago, we penned a list of the top 10 techniques to keep your sugar baby loyal to you rather than anybody else. A post dedicated to sugar daddies. It is impossible for it to be any other way, therefore here is a list of ten things that will keep your father living with you. Sugar dating is a whole bundle of false pretences that masquerades as a very genuine social phenomenon in today’s world. You have to be familiar with the strategies and put in the practise time. Your precious sugar will be sent to you in this manner for a longer period of time and in an improved manner.

As a sugar baby, you have made the decision to participate in the exciting competition to win over your sugar daddy so that he would lavish as much attention and care on you as you feel you are entitled to get. Here are some suggestions that will assist you in staying with you for a longer period of time and meeting your requirements.

Aspects of a person’s psychology

If you want to be a successful sugar baby, you need to understand the psychology of your sugar daddy before you decide to connect with them. This is really vital. Because every relationship is unique, it is essential that you comprehend their way of being in order to navigate it successfully. If you experience shifts in your mood, the things that make you amusing, as well as the things that upset you, it is beneficial to study wisely.

Remember that not all sugar daddies are the same, and that sometimes the first date may be a disaster. Keep in mind that some sugar daddies have more experience than others, and that it is vital to have multiple appointments in order to grasp the psychology of a sugar daddy. The first impression is really important, but how individuals are understood ultimately comes down to the details. keep a look out for indications.

Make it happy

As a sugar baby, it is your responsibility to make sure that your daddy is content with everything. When you ensure that he is happy, you also ensure that you are happy, and that, in turn, ensures that he will continue to give you the money and things that you want. Raise your opinion of yourself; educate yourself on his accomplishments and take lessons from him.

Always make an effort to adopt a cheerful demeanour and put a positive spin on things. This does not imply that you should ignore the things that motivate you or that you should prioritise your own pleasure above all other considerations in your life. You must be aware of the boundary that should not be crossed; if at any moment you put your health at risk in order to comply with one of his requests, you should probably give this relationship some serious consideration.

It is imperative that you be aware of his preferences, that you pay attention to detail, and that you offer him support when he is feeling down in order to ensure that you turn in a good assignment and that your daddy will continue to spoil you.

Give thanks always.

You have a responsibility to be grateful for all that your sugar daddy does for you. You have a responsibility to demonstrate to him that he is the source of your joy and that you are grateful to him for everything that he does for you. When one becomes accustomed to getting presents, there is a risk that the magic of the beginning is lost.

If you do not want to end up without him, it is important to maintain the illusion that each present is special. Keeping up the pretence from the very beginning will not only make you happier, but it will also make him happier. It’s possible that putting on that wonderful beast that he gave you or spending a small portion of your money to manufacture a gift for him might be the deciding factor in whether or not you become a sugar baby that he wants to spend all of his time with.

Dress tastefully in accordance with his preferences.

There is a significant difference between a sugar daddy who drives a Jaguar and one who rides a 30,000 Euro Harley Davidson. There is no one right way to do things; if you enjoy the way your father does things, you should attempt to agree with him.

Makeup is crucial, and so is being able to choose appropriate clothing for any given circumstance. Do not cut yourself if you are in need of some clothing that is tailored to your preferences, but understand that this is not about dressing up. If you don’t like your daddy’s sense of style, maybe you should look for another one who is more consistent. If you’re a pija, it’s not a good idea to go to a biker club even if your daddy has a collection of custom bikes in the garage. If you don’t like your daddy’s sense of style, maybe you should look for another one who is more consistent.

Be smart

Maintaining a relationship with a sugar daddy requires a great deal of effort and commitment on your behalf. Maintain a keen intellect and a hilarious sense of humour. Sugar daddies will find it easy to take pleasure in the company of a young child if they possess qualities such as high intelligence, emotional maturity, a certain level of education, and self-assurance. You can take a course in etiquette to enhance your behaviour around your father if you are concerned that you are not living up to the expectations that your education has set for you.

Memory is the key to intelligence; make sure you don’t lose track of your preferences, appointments, birthdays, and other important dates… You may utilise memory methods to recall key information about your daddy or dates, or you can use a journal to write about the appointments you’ve had if you don’t have a good memory. Both of these options are available to you. It will be a terrific method for you to learn and grow as a sugar baby, and it will also be a chance for you to blow off steam whenever you need to.

Confidentiality within a partnership

It is essential to provide proper regard to your personal space. Be careful not to ask an excessive amount of potentially awkward questions. When questioned about his background, including his former professions and ladies, he dodged the inquiries. It will be in your best interest to bring up a new subject, despite the fact that doing so will require you to sidestep the inquiry that you will respect.


Do not let go of your childlike wonder; mature men have a soft spot for naive young women. If you can maintain your sweetness and innocence, you will find that many doors of opportunity will open for you. This will cause them to grin, which will cause them to relax their guard.

You can’t use “being busy” or “not being around” as an excuse; you have to be available. Remember that being a sugar baby is more than just a job with set hours; it’s a way of life in and of itself. You should make an effort to establish a flexible schedule, and you should be very clear about the priorities you have.

Don’t put too many demands on him.

It is natural for us to have a lot of questions when we are spending time with an experienced and fascinating person. However, putting someone through the third grade is uncomfortable. You should limit the queries that you want to ask him because he is not Wikipedia but rather a mentor.

emotional triggers

Find out what sets off your father’s emotional reactions. You should be aware of whatever it is that irritates or pleases you, and you should be aware of it in order to make him feel comfortable standing by your side. Try to steer clear of talks in which he appears to be taking things too seriously and instead focus on topics that he enjoys. Find out about issues that you and they both enjoy discussing so that you never run out of things to talk about if you connect with their sense of taste.

10 ways your sugar daddy stays with you
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10 ways your sugar daddy stays with you
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