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woman in front of man who is sitting is suggestive and sexy Long ago we wrote the 10 ways to make your sugar baby stay with you and not with others . A post dedicated to sugar daddies. It could not be otherwise, so here are the 10 things that will make your daddy stay with you. Sugar Dating is a total package of pretensions, a game that is very real in today’s society. To play well you must know the tricks and train. In this way you will receive your precious sugar for a longer time and in a better way.

As a sugar baby, you have decided to embark on the wonderful race to conquer your sugar daddy so that he pampers and pampers you as you deserve. Here are some tips to help you stay longer with you and meet your needs.

Psychological aspect

It is necessary to understand the psychology of your sugar daddy before deciding to connect with them to be a successful sugar baby. Each relationship will be different, so it is important that you understand their way of being. It is good to study intelligently if you have mood swings, the things that make you funny and the ones that bother you.

Not all sugar daddys are the same and sometimes the first date can be a disaster, keep in mind that there are some who have more experience than others, to understand the psychology of a Sd it is important to have several appointments. The first impression counts a lot but little by little is how people are understood. keep an eye out for signs.

Make it happy

As a sugar babie, your mission is to make sure your daddy is happy. Guaranteeing his happiness also guarantees your happiness and that, in turn, ensures that he will continue to provide you with the money and gifts you desire. Increase your self-esteem; Learn about his achievements and learn from him. Always try to put on a smile and have a positive frame of mind. This does not mean that you put aside your motivations or that you make your happiness the main thing in your life. You must know the line that should not be passed, if at some point you sacrifice your well-being to give him something that he asks you, perhaps it is time to rethink it.

Knowing his tastes, being detailed and encouraging him when he is in low spirits will be important to achieve a great assignment and that your daddy will pamper and pamper you.

Be thankful

You have to appreciate what your sugar daddy gives you. You must make him see that he makes you happy and that you thank him for everything he does for you. Getting used to receiving gifts sometimes loses the illusion of the beginning. If you do not want to lose him, do not lose the illusion of each gift. Maintaining the illusion from the beginning will not only make you happier, but him too. Putting on that precious beast that he has given you or spending a little of your allowance to make a gift to him can make the difference between any SB and a sugar baby that he wants to be with all the time.

Dress well according to his style

A sugar daddy traveling in a 30,000 Euro Harley Davidson is not the same as one that does a Jaguar. Each person has his style, if you like the style your daddy has, try to agree with him. Makeup is important and knowing what to wear in every situation as well. Do not cut yourself if you need some clothes according to your tastes but it is not about dressing up either. If you don’t like your daddy’s style, maybe you should look for another one that is more consistent, if you’re a pija, it’s not a good idea to go to a biker club even if your daddy has a collection of custom bikes in the garage.

Be smart

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication on your part to keep a sugar daddy. Be smart and have a great sense of humor. A baby who is intelligent, emotionally mature, reasonably well-educated, and self-confident will be a pleasant companion for sugar daddies. Education is very important, if you are concerned about not living up to it, you can take a protocol course to improve your attitude towards your daddy.

Intelligence is about having memory, don’t forget about your tastes, appointments, birthdays, etc… If you don’t have a good memory, you can use memory techniques to remember important things about your daddy or dates, or use a diary to write about the appointments you’ve had . It will be a good way to learn and improve as a sugar baby and also a way to let off steam when you need it.

Privacy in relationship

It is important to respect your privacy. Don’t ask too many questions that can be uncomfortable. When asked questions about his past about ex-women, jobs. It will be advisable to raise a new topic, although it will mean that you are avoiding the question that you will respect.


Do not lose your innocence, older men like innocent babys , being a sweet and innocent girl will open many doors for you, this makes them smile and they also let their guard down.

You must be available

Limit the excuse of not being around or busy . Keep in mind that beyond a job with a schedule, being a sugar baby is a lifestyle. Try to have a flexible schedule and be clear about your priorities.

Don’t ask him too much

It is normal that when we are with someone mature and interesting we have many questions . But subjecting someone to a third grade is awkward. Limit the questions you want to ask him, he can be a mentor, but not Wikipedia.

emotional triggers

Detect your daddy’s emotional triggers. When something bothers or pleases you, you should know and know it in order to make him feel good by your side. Avoid conversations where you see him get serious and try to talk about things he likes. If you connect with their tastes, find out about topics that you both like to always have a topic of conversation.

10 ways your sugar daddy stays with you
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10 ways your sugar daddy stays with you
Learn how to get your sugardaddy to love you and not others
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