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What is a Sugar Daddy?

He is a man of high purchasing power who maintains affective relationships with young women to whom he offers social status, support or guidance  . Thanks to his experience and his high standard of living, he can have someone with whom to share experiences and a unique lifestyle creating a lasting relationship. These types of relationships are included in so-called  sugar dating relationships.

There are many misconceptions about these types of relationships, the most common being that a sugar daddy is a man who seeks sporadic encounters. A sugar daddy doesn’t ask for sporadic encounters in exchange for compensation. An SD can maintain an agreement with several sugar babies at the same time until he finds one that suits his way of life.

Remember: SB / SD relationships require long-term stability and commitment. Sugar dating relationships do not include exchanging sex in exchange for compensation.

What is a sugar daddy looking for?



Many are in high-level positions and need to keep their private affairs out of those relationships.



As a general rule, girls who lead an orderly life are not a problem. This security is important for a sugar daddy.



Interesting conversations, sympathy, knowing how to be. They are looking for girls who add value to conversations and know how to be.

What is a Sugar Baby?

Sugar Babys are girls, usually college students, who seek financial security, learning, or support from a mature, upper-class man. Sugar babys offer your daddy company and support in your spare time. They can also follow work or business events and meetings.

Typically, these girls are attracted to mature men with high social status and a high standard of living. A sugar baby values ​​the maturity, experience and attractiveness of the entrepreneur and for her this is more important than age or physical.

What is a sugar baby looking for?



The knowledge that this type of relationship can offer you. Learn from a successful person how to achieve your goals.



The peace of mind of having someone who can give you vital support. Without having to worry about certain expenses or whims.

Social Status

Social status

Meet interesting people who can boost your career. Move in unique and positive circles to improve your life..

What is Sugar Dating?

Sugar dating is a type of long-term relationship, in which a mature man meets the financial, support or guidance needs of a girl younger than him, who offers him company on agreed terms. These girls are called  Sugar Babys  .

Sugar dating relationships and their dating go far beyond sporadic dating and are not just a transaction. He doesn’t just try to get money and girls often receive gifts or other perks.

An SD / SB relationship is based on respect functioning as a stable and continuous relationship over time with different forms of entertainment, tours and travel. The generosity between the two parties is what grounds sugar dating.

Most important types of relationships in sugardating:

Friendly relationship

Relationship in which friendship and support are sought, especially moral and fun.

Relationship without commitment

There is an affective relationship, but there are still no plans for the future or total exclusivity.

Informal dating

It is usually a relationship where dates are discontinuous in time.

Exclusive relationship

Exclusive closed affective relationship in which a clear affective component is sought.

Open relationship

There is no exclusivity and both members have parallel marital or boyfriend relationships.

Serious relationship

They are looking to find a sugardating partner with whom to share everything.

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What is Sugar Daddy UK and how does it work?

Sugar Daddy UK is the leading platform to enjoy SD/SB contacts. On our website you can see profiles with photos and meet people from all over UK. At Sugar Daddy UK you can find consultations in Lisbon, Oporto and any city in UL. From this platform, we make it much easier and faster to find people who are looking for romantic relationships.

Lisbon, Oporto, Braga are areas where several reasons come together so that you can easily find a Sugarbaby or a Sugar Daddy. Firstly, they are the centers of UKs economy, where many entrepreneurs come on a trip and sometimes need to go out and relax, avoiding work. The wide offer of universities in Lisbon, Oporto makes them a great place to meet young people who want to try new things and get out of the rut.

How it works?

When a sugarbaby or sugar daddy is interested, just send a private message within the app. From there you can communicate with him in a completely discreet way..


Send private messages to the profiles that interest you in a completely discreet way. Guaranteed security.

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Glossary of Terms

  • Sugar Honey   : It’s about a rich young woman who supports a man.
  • Sugar Bear   : This is a rich young SD who can support an SB.
  • Sugar Pup   : It is a term that refers to a male and a male SD.
  • Findom:   Man who  wants  an SB to dominate him at the expense of his life.
  • Budget   : The amount of money a sugar baby needs each month for their agreement to be beneficial.
  • Sugar Bowl:  refers to the competition between SBs to find an SD.
  • Potential SD (POT):  Refers to a possible follower with whom there is no agreement yet.
  • Big Daddy:     A very rich SD with no limits on what you can spend on a sugarbaby.
  • Daddy Splenda   : This is known as an impersonator/SD wannabe who isn’t rich enough to become a true SD. Although in some cases it can be interesting for a sugarbabe.
  • Salt Daddy:   This is a fake SD that lies about their social or economic position, also refers to those who are solvent, but ultimately don’t spend what they’ve agreed to.
  • Sal –     This is an abbreviation or standalone term used to describe a person who may be unhappy with their relationship or with the whole world of sugar dating.
  • Angel Baby   : This is a beautiful, cultured and elegant Sugar Baby who turned the Sugar Bowl into a professional career and lives off of it.
  • Tuition Baby   : This is a sugar baby looking for financial support to help pay his educational expenses
  • Scary:  An uncared for SD looks bad.
  • Agreement   : This is a formal agreement between an SD/SM and a Sugar Baby that stipulates what each will offer in the relationship.
  • Road Sugar   : This is an SD looking for a Sugar Baby that he can visit or accompany on the road.
  • Sugar on the Side   : This is a Sugar Baby who has a relationship with married SD.
  • Allowance   : Amount of money given to a Sugar Baby on a regular schedule to meet their needs.
  • Freestyle   : it’s about looking for an SD/SM outside of Sugar dating sites, like going to clubs/bars for mature rich men or attending rich men events.
  • Paid per Meet (PPM):   Means Pay by Appointment, usually the type of prepayment before reaching a full agreement. 
  • The payment that SD offers on first appointments.
  • No-Strings-Attached (NSA)  : It is an agreement in a relationship that does not have the types of commitments or even advance commitments that neither party in the relationship requires, expects or suggests.
  • Sort Term Arragement (STA):   means a short-term arrangement. 
  • It is a mutually beneficial relationship between an SB and an SD/SM of short duration, usually 6 months or less.
  • Logn Term Agreement (LTA):   This means a long term agreement. 
  • It is a mutually beneficial arrangement between an SM/SD and an SB that is intended to have a longer and more substantial duration, usually longer than 6 months, whether or not it was intended since the beginning of your arrangement.
  • Little black bestido (LBD):   It’s the behavior of an SB when it’s with SD. Wearing the little black dress is behaving politely and complacently, as opposed to behaving with friends or in other types of relationships.
  • Scam / Scamer:  Refers to an SB or SD who tries to cheat to get a commodity without giving anything in return.
  • Dress code:  socially adopted rules that specify the correct way to dress


  • SB:  Sugar Baby
  • SD: Sugar Daddy
  • SB / SD:  Relationship between an SB and an SD.
  • NSA  : Relationship without commitment.
  • STA  : Short term agreement or first agreement.
  • LTA: Long Term Agreement or Serious Agreement.
  • LBD: Behave like the SB.
  • PPM: Pay by appointment.
  • POT:  SB / SD potential.
  • SR:  sugardating ratio.
  • SM:  Sugar Mummy.
  • D / s: Dominant / submissive relationship

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