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sugarbabe whit jewel The first step to find a sugar baby according to what we are looking for or to become a sugarbaby who really finds that mentor that he wants so much, is to know ourselves and above all to know well what we can offer.

In this post I write about four types of sugar babes and what they are looking for so that both sugar daddys and sugarbabes know well what profile we can fit into.

As a sugarbaby you need to know what types of needs you have, what are your motivations to find the ideal sugardaddy, after all it is very difficult to get what we want if we do not know what we want. It may take a few minutes to read the following post from sugar daddy United Kingdom to help clarify many of your questions.

The queen of cash, the cash hunter:

The objective and goal of this type of SugarBaby is to get money, but not at any price. You need financing either because you want to pay a more expensive rent or go shopping, it does not matter. 
Having money in your wallet makes you feel good, even if you don’t spend it later just having money in the bank makes you feel special.

Sugar babes of this type are usually direct and saving people. They usually have a fairly entrepreneurial mind, although you have to be careful with those who are looking for money for other types of entertainment, the latter is better not to deal too much with them because they always want more. This type of sugar babe will greatly appreciate conversations about money, business, expenses, prices is his passion and he is consumerist to a certain extent. If you have a date with a young girl of this type and you like to talk about money, you will not be bored.

The princess of the house

This type of sugarbabys have their expenses covered and do not need money they seek exclusivity and luxury. This type of sugar babe does not need a regular or monthly sustenance. What you are looking for is a good cruise through the Caribbean, a visit to a luxury spa or the best restaurant in the city, she likes to go arm in arm with a gentleman to luxurious and very vip places, they are educated and you can always take them to meetings or events. 

When you have a date with a young girl, you will know it from the place where he wants to meet you, normally it will be an exclusive and expensive place. On the other hand, as a sugardaddy, if you like to discover new and exclusive places and keep up to date with the latest fashion store in the city, she certainly knows it. She is a born researcher of luxury travel and the most exclusive clubs.

The protected girl

This sugarbabby likes money and gifts … but they are not her main goals. This type of sugar baby has a vision for the future and his professional career is intelligent and knows where he wants to go. She is looking for a kind of sugardaddy protector and mentor who will teach her how to manage her professional career, likes to talk about business and can be a great member of her team if you have companies.

 Looking for knowledge and connections, her greatest hope is to go to business meetings to talk and have fun, she likes cocktails and dinners with friends. Today in UK it is very difficult to live so this type of Sugarbaby will surely need financial support, but it is a good investment for the future and someone of whom a sugardaddy will be proud in the future.

In sugardaddy UK we know businessmen from the financial, technological or health sector, private investors and professionals in law etc … there are also SugarDaddys meetings where you can meet people throughout UK although in those places many times as the saying goes, not everything is diamonds that shine.

Marry me

Fall in love, this type of Sugarbaby wants to get married, have children and live comfortably, so if you are looking for marriage or something in the long term, this may be your best option, you should not close yourself to anything, but getting married requires time and letting yourself be seen as you are . Money is not everything. You will know if you are with a sugar babe of this type because she will talk to you about children, about beautiful areas where to live and she is usually a very conservative woman.

Although relationships are not a whole these are more or less the 4 types of relationships that we can find in the Sugardater world in UK. There are also other types of sugar babies that you should never know and can read about types of sugar daddies that you can find . Thanks for reading.

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What kind of Sugarbabes can we find? What kind of sugarbaby are you?
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What kind of Sugarbabes can we find? What kind of sugarbaby are you?
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