Terms of use

1-.Terms of use and contracting of services in sugardaddyuk.uk


sugardaddyuk.uk prices include taxes in force in UK. Prices are divided according to one access. 
sugardaddyuk.uk has three plans to access the social network.

• Free access: through which the user can access the social network and view profiles as well as reading in the forum but cannot send private messages or publish in the forum. 
• Monthly access: by which the user can access the social network and the forum as well as publish in the forum and send private messages during the months that the subscription renews * 
• Quarterly access: by which the user can access during quarters in the renew the subscription *

• Annual Access: for which the user can access for one year.

* The subscription is renewed automatically through a subscription made in PayPal. The cancellation of the subscription is linked to the paypal payment system so the cancellation is made from the Paypal platform. There is no permanence so you can unsubscribe at any time, the next payment being canceled but not the payment already paid.

2-.Return Right:

The provisions of article 103 a) of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, are applied in this section. ; “A) The provision of services, once the service has been fully executed, when the execution has begun, with the express prior consent of the consumer and user and with the acknowledgment by him that he is aware that, once the contract has been completely executed by the employer, he will have lost his right of withdrawal. ”
Basically, at the moment it occurs in the first logon paid on the platform, the user loses his right of withdrawal of the payment in progress, having access to the private courier service. Therefore, if you do not wish to continue using the service, you must unsubscribe from your PayPal account. 
The user can request as much information as he wishes before registering on the platform through the contact area, but in no case will we make refunds of the monthly amounts, or annual payments that had already been made effective.

3-. User conduct policy:

Failure to comply with the following rules will result in the expulsion of the platform without the right to return the money contributed and without prejudice to the legal actions that correspond to the owner of the website. Specifically, the user agrees to:

  1. Do not make illegal or immoral uses with the contents offered.
  2. Do not take or download or make screenshots of the contents in profiles.
  3. Keep confidential and do not distribute content or opinions of users and outside the social network.
  4. Do not attack or manipulate the web in any of its forms.
  5. Injuring or missing the morals or rights of the creators, users and staff of sugardaddyuk.uk as Administrators, designers or programmers. We will be especially combatants with any xenophobic or discriminatory comment with immediate expulsion. We also take scams, pyramid businesses and any content that may seem fraudulent or contrary to good practices.
  6. SugardaddyUK reserves the right to admit users during the trial period and may be expelled if any suspicious behavior is detected.
  7. The opinions, conversations or sending of files within sugardaddyusa and between users cannot leave the web or be cited, referenced or communicated outside the social network and the channels established as email notifications.

Forum Rules:

  1. Contact ads are not allowed, that’s what the social network is for.
  2. Any attack on the web or any of your team will be grounds for expulsion from the forum
  3. Erotic or pornographic content is not allowed
  4. Any advertisement of web pages that we deem unnecessary to give correct information or that undermine the competitiveness of the web will not be allowed.
  5. Repeated or duplicate posts are not allowed
  6. No obscene, bad taste, or illegal messages are allowed.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to put links with illegal content, pirated software, serial numbers or that infringe the copyright.
  8.  The user who alters the proper functioning of the forum with repeated complaints, disregard the Moderators, the Administration or the Forum Rules, will be sanctioned or expelled from the forum according to the severity. Public messages concerning the tasks of moderation / administration (editing or deleting a message, closing a thread, expulsion from the Forum, etc.) will be deleted, in case of moderation complaints they should do so privately to the moderator and in case of Not getting a response should be reported to the Webmaster or Administrators It is the administrators and moderators of the forums who have the power to determine whether a message is admissible or not.
  9. Every user has the right to report any breach of the rules of the forum, informing the Webmaster, Administrators or Moderators, who will take appropriate measures.

4-.High in the social network and payment methods.

Enrollment in the social network means access subscription.

Payment methods: payment can be made monthly, quarterly and annually through PayPal

Discounts on payment access. 
On some specific dates of the year, the address may use the home page of the sugardaddyuk.uk website or the newsletters to announce offers to new or old users specifically and without compensation or consideration for the rest of already registered users.

5-.Electronic bulletins.

We may send information of services and / or products contracted or similar to them to subscribers, students and alumni. Being registered in sugardaddyuk.uk implies an express consent. In any case, you can unsubscribe from the same emails in the lists.

6-. Voluntary privacy configuration options.

• You are free to provide personal information or not in sugardaddyuk.uk within the social network, as well as modify or delete it manually. You can set your notification and email preferences by entering your account through the Website. 
• Please note that even if you decide not to subscribe or unsubscribe from promotional emails or newsletters we may still need to contact you with information about transactions and your purchases. 
• You can configure the way your browser manages cookies through its privacy and security options. 
4.8.2. Electronic newsletters 
• You will receive emails and notices about new messages or interactions in the social network.
• You will receive emails when you subscribe to a topic or someone wants to contact you.

You can read here the privacy and cookies policy

7-.Safety reasons.

To avoid attacks, we will save location data, browser type and operating system, the navigation settings of the Website (such as cookies) and purchase history to provide personalized information on the Website and (optional) newsletters. 
4.8.4. Contests, and others. 
In Sugardaddyusa we can run contests. We reserve the right to request additional information if necessary to send gifts or any other necessary to achieve the contest.

Our users are protected by the regulations regarding Data Protection at European and national level. As recognized by the GDPR regulations, you can access your data, rectify what you deem appropriate, restrict its use, oppose its use, cancel the data you have provided or transfer the data we store to a third party. 
If you wish to unsubscribe from our platform, contact our support team. 
4.10. Characteristics of social network or forums.
The website contains connections to areas where you can post information, communicate with others, such as in discussion forums or blogs, review products, and publish your own original content. All the information you publish can be accessible to anyone except for private messages between users. 
If you publish your email address along with the public comment, you may receive unwanted messages. We recommend that you avoid publishing your personal data or data of third parties. You must modify them manually, sugardaddyuk.uk does not manage personal data not previously requested.

8-.Return and / or refund.

Due to the conditions of the social network and the exposure of its content we cannot make refunds or cancel the subscription, since the base of sugardaddyuk.uk is to access the social network with the right to communication during the duration of the subscription and we give The service is fulfilled by giving you access regardless of its use.
This rule is unappealable, except in the case that the user has not become activated in the payment subscription on the platform and has not had access to private messages or the possibility of sending private messages, (it is understood that the being able to send a message is access to paid content). Fact that must be credited by the user. Sugardaddyusa also reserves the right of admission in any case, and may decide to expel a user if their behavior is inappropriate or recidivist, if they make accusations towards the platform, its contents or those responsible or if it poses a threat. In such cases, Sugardaddyusa will not make any refund.
Likewise, the user makes payments by being able to send private messages to other users temporarily in the social network, this means that the user will remain with access to this service as long as the duration of said payment continues. You do not pay for sending private messages, but for the possibility of access to private messages and the private communication service with other users.

If you have any questions you can contact our contact section or send an email to info@sugardaddyuk.uk


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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