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sugardaddy and wife hug Each country is different when it comes to sugar dating relationships. Although in practically the whole world this phenomenon has existed forever. It is the culture that really makes the difference in acceptance and controversy that the world of sugar dating can create.

In UK there are many misconceptions and myths about sugar dating, in many cases calling it covert prostitution or directly machismo. Many people make wrong judgments that a mature and solvent man seeks the company of a young girl, or that a young girl is attracted to the stability provided by a mature and solvent man.

Many people think that sugar dating is an open door to a night between the sheets. This is not so, it is true that it can happen, but that is not the end of a sugar dating page. The main idea of ​​a first date between a sugardaddy and his potential sugarbaby is to meet and know if the person in front of him is good for the other. For this, it is best to meet in a cafe or restaurant. To improve understanding of how this type of dating works we have written this post with the differences between a normal relationship and a “sugar” type.

Love and feelings involved

In a normal relationship there will always be feelings involved . Although there may be feelings in a relationship between a sugardaddy and his sb, at first there are not. At the beginning there is an agreement where each one decides what to offer the other person. In sugardating relationships, it always begins with an agreement in which the financial security or experiences that a sugardaddy offers to his sugarbaby, and what this in turn offers him, they are the only incentive to start the relationship without feelings of love in between.

In normal relationships there may also be an interest in comfort, financial security etc. But they are relationships that from the beginning have had a loving concept. When a love relationship begins, there are already feelings involved that make the couple form beyond convenience. At the beginning of a love relationship there is no agreement, it is just something that arises and develops over time.


lthough there are exceptions in a normal relationship loyalty is requested, ie they are monogamous relationships where the couple can not have other relationships. Loyalty and being together with your partner is something very important normally in this type of relationship. Support in loving couples is mainly emotional, leaving aside financial or other support.

Although there may also be an exclusivity agreement in sugardating relationships, it is normal for sugarbabies and sugardadys to have several relationships at the same time until they find their ideal partner. But even after finding the ideal match they can still date others or have multiple sugar daddies or sugar babies at once. The support in this case is cheaper by the sugardaddies.

Difference of times.

In a normal relationship there are no times, you are simply with that person, he is your partner 24 hours a day, whether he is present or not. There is usually a lot more communication with calls, appointments (if you don’t live with him). In other words, couples of this type have a continuous relationship and spend much more time together than couples in sugar dating.

In relationships with a sugardady, the times will normally be limited and will be part of the agreement. That is to say, a Sugardaddy can ask in the deal to see the sugarbaby 3 times a month, for example. Also in the deal usually enters the time that the sugardaddy will want for trips or other things. Calls are also often bounded, and sugarbabies who study are often unavailable to daddies at test time.

Fun and outings

In normal relationships there can be many different types of outings, from accompanying your partner to the doctor to taking a vacation trip. Being a clearly loving relationship, there is usually more emotional support and company.

The relationship with a sugardaddy is usually focused on fun. A sugardaddy will never call you to accompany him to do a paperwork or to do a paperwork for him. Dating is focused on fun and enjoyment, although emotional support is usually not as much as in a normal love relationship.

Vital development

In a love relationship you have to consider your partner for things like changing houses, going out to parties, going on a trip etc. This means that in some cases you must have your partner for different aspects of your life and inform them of what you are going to do with who you are going to date etc. (There are exceptions, but this is normal).

In a relationship with a sugardaddy you can go out when and how you want, and if at any time that offer comes from the other part of the world for the job of your dreams you can launch yourself. After all, your sugardaddy can always take a plane to visit you.

Can a sugar relationship become a normal relationship?

It often happens that over time the relationships between a sugar baby and her sugar daddy can give rise to something else. Although the age difference is noticeable, many celebrities are with much younger couples.

Sometimes in this type of relationship love arises and you move into a loving and complicit relationship. It is very common, more than you think people who criticize this type of dating.

Final thoughts:

This is a personal opinion, there are many types of relationships and very different both loving and in the sugar world. I try to capture what is most common and normal. Please if you think differently or want to share your experience you can write a comment at the end of everything. Thank you very much in advance.

Normal relationship VS sugar dating, know the differences
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Normal relationship VS sugar dating, know the differences
Learn the differences between normal dating relationships and sugar dating relationships
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