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No matter what type of relationship you are looking for In SugarDaddyEspaña® we explain the 7 types of sugar relationship that we can find. Keep in mind that this is a guideline guide but there are as many types of relationships as there are couples in this world.

This guide can also help us to improve our profile by putting the type of relationship we are looking for. We are not going to focus on the most special relationships like the Vanilla relationship or the Splenda relationship but rather on the types of relationships in which there is a real agreement with a true sugar daddy.

Friendly relationship

It is a relationship style that can lead to a FWB relationship where fun is the main thing. Exclusivity does not exist in this relationship, although a long-term relationship is sought. In this case the couple is usually open-minded and without jealousy. In this type of relationship there is usually no sex `but there is complicity and mutual help. Although they tend to have a strong emotional bond, she is not the romantic type. For this type of relationship to be successful it must be based on strong and meaningful friendship.

People looking for this type of relationship often look for company to make activities that are pending. Many will look for a related person to party, concerts or festivals. Others will look for someone athlete to accompany them to ski, climb or sail. In many cases, men look for a travel companion to visit new places, but they don’t want to do it alone.

Sugar babys who tend to seek this type of relationship are usually very active people. They like to go out and have fun but they don’t want to go beyond a good friendship. They are usually girls with whom you can talk about everything open and understanding.

Informal Dating

In this type of relationship there is usually no definite time. Normally the sugar daddy meets “when he can” with the sugar baby to do different activities. A casual relationship is a relationship without much emotional bonding and without any obligation or commitment involved. Many sugardating couples start dating casually because it is light and informal. Eventually, some will seek a more committed and exclusive relationship due to their growing bond and time together.

In these types of relationships there are usually extremely busy sugar daddys. They will usually look for a sugar baby that can be there for them when they need it. What they are looking for is to let off steam and get out of the routine or daily stress. They are usually very generous, but it is difficult to reach something else with them because they usually do not have time for anything.

Although SBs do not usually like this type of relationship very much, some often spend so much time in front of books that when they are invited to do something different they are very happy.

Open relationship

In open relationships there is no exclusivity, the two members of the couple may have other relationships. Most of the time it means that the couple remains emotionally committed to each other while accepting to have relationships with other people or simply not worry at all if their partner does it when they do not.

In this type of relationship there are usually people who are looking for “their place” in the world of love. For different reasons they don’t want to get involved and are often meeting several people. They go out with them and have a good time and at some point they step into a more formal relationship when they find someone they like.

For this type of relationship it is better to be prepared since the other person is not always looking for the same thing. So you have to be totally clear in the agreement and ask yourself several important questions. In the article questions between a sugar daddy and a sugar babe explains everything we have to know and ask before reaching an agreement.


We can speak as a semi-exclusive relationship, they are relationships that are between an open and an exclusive relationship. E n this relationship begins to be a component of friendship, I affection and intimacy, but without commitment. Both parties will resolve the limits and exclusivity of the relationship in the agreement to ensure that it develops successfully and without any drama.

This is usually the prelude to an exclusive relationship in which the relationship has raised the level of commitment and emotionality between the two. Although it is not a formal relationship, appointments are usually more followed and trips are usually made together or activities of several days.

In this case they are usually quite emotionally mature girls who are looking for something beyond mere fun. mentoring plays a very important role in this type of relationship. You can read this article with some tips for sugar daddys and sugar babys “neither beauty nor money is everything” . You will learn that many sugar babes are looking for more than just financing or gifts.

Exclusive relationship

A committed relationship that generally involves a strong physical and emotional connection. In this type of relationship, both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy have decided to start a serious relationship. In this case the agreement has been made strong and the sugar baby has everything she needs from her suagrdaddy.
In addition, there is usually attraction between the two and a healthy and fun relationship. It’s a strictly monogamous relationship and the most desired type of sugar babes relationship in the dating world. Some sugar dating relationships may start out being more informal and become exclusive relationships over time.


Sometimes in sugar dating a marriage agreement is reached. The couple attracts a good time together and the agreement that was at the beginning of the relationship is transformed.
When a sugar baby falls in love with a mature man it can end in marriage, there are many examples of Hollywood stars who have married couples 15 years younger. Age has no love, the sugar daddy offers his partner a relaxed and easy life.
Many women want to have this kind of life and are looking for a classic relationship, have children and enjoy life with a mature and attractive man.


Typically, sugar dating deals are fenced transforming. What is sought in this type of agreement is to have a feeling with a partner to do the activities and get what we want from the other person. However, you do not have to force it, sugar dating relationships can go more or less but you always have to enjoy the road wherever it takes us.

The positive thing is that in this type of relationship it is clear what the other person is looking for. From the beginning there are some terms to comply with and so there is no confusion.

Types of relationships in Sugar Dating
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Types of relationships in Sugar Dating
We explain the types of relationships that exist in sugardating.
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