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As you learn what a sugar daddy is, you will realize the many types of sugar daddys out there, as many as men, of course. There are many tips from experienced sugar babys to help you , but the most important is probably: Learn to spot salt daddies. Some of them will be impressive, most will just be fine, and a few others will simply waver and try to fool you. And worst of all, they will waste your time.

Well, in this post I will try to teach you to know how to differentiate these last false SDs. Like all men, they too come in various shapes and sizes, but luckily there are some things they say or do that we can quickly identify by. Something that will also help you to detect the fake is to learn the tips to reach agreements like sugar baby , at the time of negotiation is when they are uncovered.

In order to avoid wasting your time with these fakes, we have prepared a list of tips so that you are attentive to the signs that will help you recognize a false sugar daddy. 

1. “Send me a photo of you sexy or naked, honey”

I will start with the most typical of all, the one that asks you to send him sexy photos of your body, or maybe even naked, with the excuse of being able to know you or see you better. If you have worked and improved your profile with the correct photos , there are no more photos to send. Never send any photo of yourself to a profile of this style. Most sugar babies have received emails like this and the best thing to do is ignore them: delete, block and report the user.

No legitimate sugardaddy really interested in a fair deal with a girl would ever ask you for nude or sexy photos without hardly talking to her. Most likely, this type of profile hides behind a teenager looking for sexy and kinky photos for his collection: if he catches you on a fun or boring day you can hesitate for a while and laugh at him. I advise you, you may have a lot of fun and it is good to fight with the frustration that comes from finding those profiles.

2. “Before reaching an agreement, I have to test you first”

There is the possibility that you were chatting, casually, with a POT. Perhaps, you have already had an encounter, one or two dates, and things seem to be going well. But then, and once the economic issue is dropped on the table, and the agreement on the allowance begins to be discussed, the gentleman tells you the sentence that heads this paragraph. Or a very similar one.

You don’t have to be too savvy to know what he’s talking about. It must be believed that it is in a dealership and you are a car. Get out of there as soon as possible: delete and block. An SD / SB deal may very well not work once it is made, but it is something a true SD is willing to invest to find out. He will never ask you to test yourself first.

3. He wants to pay for a meeting / night that you spend together.

You will probably come across this type, since it is also among the most typical. Those who don’t want an assignment-based arrangement, but rather hope they can “pay you per visit.” You will receive money when you see each other and, as expected, in those meetings he is only interested in one thing: having sex with you. These are seen from the league.

They are not SD, they are Johns. And it happens to them that they are not looking for an SB, and they know it, but they are too tight-fisted to hire a scort. They are in the wrong place and you should not keep talking to such a profile. We have nothing against scorts – if you’ve come up with that idea or change the chip, or you’re in the wrong place – they have to learn what a sugar baby is . 

Sugar relationships do not necessarily include sex , nor is it charged by the hour, despite what many still think. Do not settle for this fake sugar daddy : he has gone to the wrong place and what he is looking for here he will not find. Please, always delete, block and report it so that you will be expelled from the web.

4. Boastful and boastful.

He tells you he has a yacht. Rolex watches? Even your dog has one… Oh, and did you mention (324 times) how much you earn per month? Up to date?

Men like this are the clear example that all that glitters is not gold. They hope to attract sugarbabes with the promise of the fortunes they possess. And, although he really is as rich or richer than King Midas, that does not mean that it is necessary for him to share it with you all the time. Sugar daddies tend to be rather discreet about that topic.

Many first-time sugar babies make the mistake of thinking that the richest are the best sugardaddys. In the vast majority of cases that is not true. The best sugar daddies are the ones who take care of you and really take care of you.  If it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter how shiny it is. It is false gold, the bad one, that blackens …

5. He has a shitty personality and is unbearable.

Rude, coarse and sometimes even vulgar. Bad men don’t make good company and they certainly aren’t good sugar daddies. If a POT is rude or mean to you at some point, quickly cut off any relationship and contact with him. Even if he is very rich, he keeps you in a more than comfortable way, it is never going to be worth the emotional damage that being with such a person can put you through.

The best SugarDaddys are first and foremost good people, or at least people who try to be nice to others. You know, grown men who understand things like thoughtfulness, thoughtfulness, and courtesy. Don’t make the mistake of getting involved with men who don’t see the value in those traits. All the sugar you get from them will be more bitter than sweet.

6. The bargain hunter, as if they were the sales.

This type of sugardaddy will try to haggle you, oh, more than 50% less than what you are looking for for sure. And, unless he found you at … why is he trying to haggle to such an extent?

Well, simple: because it is a fake, that’s why . When it comes to things so, so personal like finding the perfect sugar babe for them, SDs really know that this is not a store, and you are not a product. And they certainly don’t haggle. If you are what he is looking for and you have been realistic about your assignment expectations, he will be willing to do his part to ensure that you are both happy with the arrangement.

* NOTE: Some POTS just won’t be able to afford a very high allocation range, but they can be great sugar daddies too. If you like a possible SD, but you are out of its price range, you can always adjust the amount of time you would be with it, and put more limits on your availability, so you can reach a satisfactory agreement for both of you.

7. He thinks he’s doing you a great favor.

We have said it before and we will repeat it again: That he supports you in your needs and whims does not make him your owner . When he helps you, he does not do it only because of the great goodness that exists in his heart: he is receiving a lot in return as well.

Experienced sugar babies who have learned to distinguish themselves from other sugar babies know well how to maintain a good SD / SB ratio. You are there for him when he needs you, you listen to him and support him about his possible problems with work … You do your best to make him relax and forget about the problems, you make him feel unique and on top of the world.

This is not a service that can be given easily, and it is also true that good sugarbabys are made from a different paste than other women. So while you should be grateful for the help your sugardady gives you, never forget that the favor goes both ways. If he is not able to recognize this point, it is best that you skip it.

8. The egocentric type and everything is: about me, me, me, me… and then me again.

You will quickly discover that there are very special types of sugar daddies: those who have the impression that the sun, the moon and the stars always revolve around them. The topic of conversation at the aperitifs: the story of himself. We move on to the main course and the theme to his best moments in life, until time of course, because he has a lot to see and do … And while you taste the dessert, he explains his visionary ideas and each tactic or method, present, past or future, to make all your dreams come true.

You will realize that it has the ability to speak and chew at the same time, and you do not have time to say half a word to escape from so much navelism. This is a very important lesson: beware of sugardadys who are only interested in themselves. After all, when could you discuss things you might need in a deal, when it’s clear that all he’s interested in is himself?

9. Extra tips

– Try to show some kind of control or very jealous without having reached any kind of agreement. Run away, no one who thinks he is your owner suits you.

– He tries to give you a really bad deal , like a few hundred for spending a few days together. I assure you, you will feel better working at Starbucks, and you have free coffee.

– He talks a lot about promises and keeps asking to meet you, but when it comes to reaching a real deal, he shuts up and goes back to the loop . It’s quiet, but it will waste your time.

– Be careful with those who easily accept everything you ask and always agree. Remember: it is not your sugardaddy until you have gotten what you asked for.

– And as always, if you have a strange feeling, or something gives you a bad feeling about a POT, follow your instincts and run away .

– SD Fakes are harmless once you know how to detect them early on. But if you don’t, you could end up wasting time and energy on something that will get you nowhere.

As an intelligent sugarbabe that you are, you are always alert to that signal that indicates the intentions of any POT that talks to you. If you have any clues that have helped you to identify a fake, I encourage you to share it in the comments area or on the forum. Those who are starting to help them know perfectly how to behave with these types of profiles. You may also like to read: Sugar Baby Seduction: How To Keep Your POT Interested

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