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sugar baby finances A young girl can search for a  sugar daddy in Uk, London, Liverpool  for various reasons.   While the exact motivations differ from girl to girl, most of us look for similar things and most importantly we enjoy the company of interesting and mature men:

  • More free time to do what we want: when a sugardaddy gives us the opportunity to be more financially comfortable, we have more time since we are more comfortable and we do not need a long-term job.
  • Not having to share a flat and being able to have our small studio or apartment. Thanks to our sugardaddy mentor, we can study more comfortably in a small study where nobody bothers us or, on the contrary, pay a support academy along with the university tuition. Thanks to the Sugar Daddy we can also indulge ourselves with little quirks that will make our lives more pleasant.
  • It is wonderful to have all expenses paid: Not owing anything to anyone or making ends meet without having money in our wallet. It is best to be calm and have an optimal student life without stress. The above are some of the advantages of having a sugardaddy in UK, whether in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao … or any university city. But this is not what this post is about.

Always be prepared

This post is about what happens when sugar comes to an end and that is, we must be prepared because our sugardaddy is also a human being with problems and our relationship may not suit him at some point in his life. We must accept this and say goodbye without further ado, we must never insist if it ends. What happens when this happens? Have you been living in heaven and the nightmare comes? We want this not to be the case and that is why we are writing this post to you.

You should cover your ass because your Daddy’s sugar may not last forever. Here are the steps you should take when you are in a relationship with a man who is helping you in your daily life. No, you are not going to like some of these tips. But yes, they need to be practiced if you do not want to end badly. These tips will not only help you if at some point your Sugar Daddy decides that they cannot continue, they will also help you if at any time you cannot continue with the relationship for whatever reason, and that is that sometimes things are like that.

Okay, here we go with … the sugarbabes super quick guide to covering your financial ass.

Keep your essential expenses low

When you start getting a college aid award and your account seems to be starting to go up by thousands of euros, it can be very tempting to live in a nice big flat, an attic or an expensive neighborhood. You see that you have enough to invite your friends and live as you have always wanted and it is very tempting to rent a nice apartment with a pool and gym, even a luxury estate. After all, now you have a dad who pays you.

Do not do it. Renting in UK and much more in London and Manchester is one of the biggest expenses, that is, the percentage of money that you are going to use for the rental can mean that, if you are without income, the little you manage to save quickly goes away. or having to find a place to live urgently. And it is that getting anywhere if the sugar runs out before losing the little savings you have left, radically changing from a luxury home to a shared apartment in a shabby neighborhood is not good for your student life or your intimate life.

The last thing we want is for you to be depressed for why you think your life has gone to shit. Try not to compromise more than 35% of your average rental income. A small studio or apartment is enough to start. The comfort is also to be sure that if you lack your sugardaddy you can stay for at least a year maintaining your standard of living without having more income and being able to finish the course comfortably without stress.

Do not waste money on purchases

It’s great that you pamper yourself and love and have details with yourself – we’ve all done it. It is a classic mistake of  sugar babys in London to  confuse loving and pampering with wasting money as if there was no tomorrow.

When you go shopping, think of items that can be investments. Occasionally buying a few classic items like a small, insinuating black dress (without going overboard), some discreet jewelry to complement your wardrobe, or even some clothes suitable for job interviews can be a good investment. Since it can be used in future meetings with SugarDaddys, accompaniment to meetings or going to those parties where the most exclusive Sugardaddys in Madrid are going to have a drink, as well as to advance their professional career giving good image in your future meetings or interviews.

But luxury items like haute couture bags or sunglasses are pure vanity items that don’t add anything of real value to your life… AND… If you feel the need to have them anyway, if you see that precious bag that you fall in love with – Do yourself a favor and ask your sugardaddy. Men are much more willing to give gifts than to fork a regular college grant. Don’t spend your own funds on frivolous things.

Get cash

Some Sugardaddys will offer you gifts on their own, but some need a little push. Subtle hints and tips must be used to make our requests. Ask them what they think of the bag or dress you’ve seen in a magazine, for example, but you should never ask for it directly, this is something that can be taken as an impertinence. If you have a phone that you want to change, you can tell him, for example, that your phone is getting worse and worse or that your coverage is going down when you talk to him.

If you need a new shoe you can tell him that your feet hurt more and more with these old shoes or sneakers etc. But always try that the gifts are to really cover your needs without asking frivolities or whims of too much value. If your computer is slow if you want to go beautiful for your next meeting with the etc … A sugardaddy can improve your quality of life, but if he notices that you abuse, he will soon look for a more humble girl.

Put cash in your security fund

If you implement the 3 steps above, you should have enough money from your allowance and your college aid (after paying all your bills) to save. This is crucial, as this security fund will help you if something goes wrong with your current SugarLove deal.

We recommend that you quickly save enough cash to be able to live comfortably for at least 3 months, although the ideal is 6 or 9. Once you have 3 months, you can loosen a little and more slowly save your way until you reach 6 or 9 months.

Use your time wisely

One of the biggest advantages of being a sugar baby is all the free time you have. Sugardater dating is not exactly a time consuming job.

Use this time wisely to give yourself other options. Take a course that you think will help you get a better job, hire an academy to improve your studies. Read and educate yourself on other options to earn money. Learn how to invest or even start your own business. She expands her contacts in meetings to help her invest her money.

Whatever you do – do n’t waste the free time you get because a mentor has chosen you, take advantage of it and make your sugardaddy proud to be with an intelligent and responsible woman . And is that Sugar Daddys like money and there is nothing more beautiful than talking about investments, business or stock with a smart girl. Use your best asset to create a better future now.

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How to improve your finances as a sugarbaby
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How to improve your finances as a sugarbaby
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