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marilyn monroe When you enter the world of sugar dating you realize that beauty is not everything. It even becomes irrelevant. Why? Mature men don’t pay as much attention to beauty as younger men might.

Actually, the key to being big enough for a sugar daddy to regularly give him large sums of cash is how you make him feel while he’s with you. Perhaps the proper word for this is “Muse”. Becoming a Muse is something that goes beyond beauty. In a muse there is a specific inspiration, an energy that man feels when he is with her. It can be your creativity. It may be your way of looking at business. The fact is, a muse can change things for the better in the life of a sugar daddy. Here are some secrets to being your daddy’s muse:

Here is the first secret:

Beauty is “almost” irrelevant. A perfect body and a nice smile are not as important as you might think. If there are only a few pretty hips a Sugar baby will not last on a Sugardaddy’s agenda.

So what is important?

  • A special energy, find your way of being in the world carefree.
  • Give happiness, there are people who shine and others who are off, what kind are you?
  • There are 18-year-olds with whom you feel old by your side and 50-year-old women with whom you feel young.
  • There are women who make you forget your worries and others make you tense.
  • With some women a man connects to the moment and others with whom you run away.


Whether you have sex or not, its presence contains a special energy that, if you are aware of it, and know how to use it, you can get what you want. This is how some sugar babys come to have real platonic relationships with their daddys. It is that the way of being, beyond the physical, can be the difference that makes you a true Muse desired by any daddy.

The second secret

Be careful, your problems can start when your income begins to grow. When you meet strippers, escorts, massage therapists and sugar babys you realize that money can be very toxic. The problem comes when money arrives, money magnifies everything about you, but record it on fire money especially magnifies your weaknesses . If your goals in life are not clear, you will surely have a lot of money to waste, but it usually ends. If you consider finding your sugar daddy as the ‘ultimate goal to have money’, then you may have problems. In this post we explained a long time ago how to improve your finances for sugar babies .

How do real sugar babys do it?

They strive to always be their best self, build relationships, never forget their goals, ideas and visions in which they want to invest. So he gives you the check. Why? Because we are more akin to people who are like us, it is a tribal feeling, we help those who are like us. If all you are waiting for is your shopping allowance, your SD won’t trust you with much money.

If you spend every penny you earn, you will have nothing to invest in your future success. But how do you know what to do with the money once you start receiving it? You get an advisor. Mentors Listen and talk together about what your real long-term visions, goals and dreams are and create strategies to make them come true, those advisers are called sugar daddys too . There are many former professional athletes who wash cars because they did not have the opportunity to be taught by a businessman to invest. It doesn’t matter how much you earn. It matters how much you save and invest.
It is understood?

One more secret for now …

Whatever your goals are, they are too small. The biggest fantasies and your goals, you can achieve them. Being a sugar baby can be the first step to a life beyond your dreams. But the key to how far you will go is what kind of support you have. Spend time with people who draw the best in your future, people who bring out the greatest and most ambitious of you. Give them your focus and attention.

Will you go by subway? Or will you drive a Porch to your next meeting with your SD? The choice is up to you.

3 secrets of sugar baby life style
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3 secrets of sugar baby life style
Learn 3 secrets of the sugar baby lifestyle
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