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Some Sugardaddys websites have a poor reputation because, in some cases, it is possible to say that the men who use those sites are perverted or crazy. In reality, the majority of the men who use those websites are kind and affectionate men looking for a connection that will make them feel better and more desired. You will have the opportunity to receive a great deal of assistance over the course of your life from a variety of men whom you adore and admire, and many of the dates you go on with sugardaddies in the UK may turn out to be the beginning of a long-lasting friendship that involves a great deal of complicity. Having said that, there are always those people who aren’t very pleasant, thus this rule does not always hold true. The majority of sugar daddies on will contact you via email to inquire about your level of interest in their services.

If you decline their offer, whether you do so right away or after some back-and-forth communication, the majority of them will take it in stride and continue looking for their ideal sugarbabe. On the other hand, it may on occasion be pushy or relentless, and it will continue in the hope that you may alter your opinion. How can you avoid months of unnecessary conflict and frustrations while dealing with these annoying daddy issues? You will learn all you need to know about the art of politely declining an offer in this article.

To make it clear that these are the exceptions, the sugar dating world has very few difficulties since we deal with people who the last thing they want is to have problems and who are typically highly knowledgeable and protective of their interests.

You have no debts to pay.

My first piece of guidance is that you should never feel obligated to meet someone that you are unsure about doing. Also, if you don’t think the person you’re chatting to online is your ideal sugar daddy, you shouldn’t continue the conversation with them. Just say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to start a relationship, I wish you the best of luck,” and leave it at that. It is an excellent dialogue to terminate, and it also continues to remain informed, which ensures that the sugardaddy will not feel humiliated.

In the event that they want an explanation, keep in mind that you are under no need to provide one. You are not obligated to do anything, and you are perfectly within your rights to decide that you do not wish to speak to him. If the messaging persists, you have the option of ignoring it or sending a message that says something to the effect of “Please don’t send me any more messages.” There are some men who could attempt to be difficult in order to gain their company.

Treat him with courtesy.

When you converse to certain guys over the phone or online, they could give off the impression that they are excellent men. However, there is not the slightest spark. If you have already made up your mind that you do not want to participate in this SD, it is recommended that you withdraw your participation gradually rather than all at once. You are going to remain cool and thank him for lunch, supper, or the meeting. Then, you are going to gently explain that you do not feel connected to him in any way and that it would make you feel uncomfortable to do anything else with him. When meeting someone for the first time, it’s best to do it in a public setting, which is another reason why I usually encourage doing so. In order to discover the right sugar daddy, you must first ensure that you are at ease with yourself.

There is no need to beat about the bush.

Despite the fact that it would be tempting to promise to remain in touch as friends in order to prevent any pain or strain, I would advise against doing so. We are not interested in having a conversation “as friends,” thus we do not want to leave the door open for further contact in the form of text messages or phone calls.

Once upon a time, I went on two dates with a boy. I was just getting started and didn’t know how to manage it, so I left with the standard excuses of being too busy studying or receiving calls for extra modifications that week. I didn’t know how to approach it because I was just getting started. It took me two weeks, but he finally pieced together that I was avoiding him, and when I wasn’t explicit, I wound up hurting his ego (a month passed until he stopped calling me). Even after I had his phone banned, he continued to call me from different numbers. I should have been more forthright from the very beginning, but instead I foolishly left the door open and ruffled the feathers of the sugar daddy. Therefore, it is preferable to be truthful right from the start so as not to give birth to any misconceptions.

Should the phone number be given or not?

You also need to learn another essential lesson, which is that it is not a good idea to provide your Sugardaddy your phone number right away, even though the decision to do so ultimately depends on how you feel about your Sugardaddy. You always have the option to communicate with him using the messaging features of sugar daddy UK, or you may provide him another sort of contact information, such as your Kik or Instagram account, etc…. It is not essential to provide a phone number in order to use Kik or Telegram; all that is required is the configuration of a username, the acceptance or addition of users, and the beginning of chat sessions. The vast majority of males do not have any issues with this: Tell them that I had a horrible experience and that you will be pleased to pass on your number once you feel comfortable with it, if they ask you nicely and you have something nice to say about me.

If everything else fails …Block, block, and block some more if you’ve already said it many times and people are getting angry or aggressive about it. You do not deserve to be inundated with messages that are created from an injured ego, even when it is not good to do so! You may also report this kind of action on by sending an email to or by filling out the contact form that is located on the contact page.

What to do if a sugardaddy insists?
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What to do if a sugardaddy insists?
Learn what to do when a sugardaddy insists too much
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