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There are some mistakes Sugar daddies make when looking for dates with sugar babys. Some are easily avoidable and others not so much. If you think that having money is enough, you are still far from being a true sugar daddy. And is that being a sugardaddy is a way of life in which respect and knowing how to be with your sugar babe is crucial.

Information is power and the more information you have to connect with a young woman the better. If you save these mistakes it will be a good start to be able to live a life of a successful sugar daddy and that not only are you the support in a difficult moment of a young girl, but also they want to be with you by yourself.

one-. Don’t play with your age

It is clear that you have an age, you do not need to say it. Don’t bother trying to act like you are younger than you really are. If there is something that a sugarbabe is looking for it is maturity and tranquility, if you behave like an 18-year-old boy he will prefer to be with his university friends than with Tigo.
Another typical mistake is to tell the girl that you appear younger or that everyone tells you that you appear younger. You are the age you are and you should be aware of it. Do not play with the age issue or give it importance or she will give it to you too. It is also not a good idea to appear at a university party or young atmosphere to mix with girls, keep in mind that not everyone will be looking for a sugardaddy in that place.

A young girl does not want a man who “thinks” he is younger than he really is. Any girl interested in a sugardaddy wants an older man, not an 18 year old.
If you can learn to act according to your age, you will stay away from the “creepy” zone. That area where you start to shiver at the girl in front and just want to run away. Show your sugar baby that you are happy with your age and everything will be much better.

2-. Overacting

The worst thing that can happen to you on a date with your sugar babe is being a “creepy”. When you have a date with young girls you must be a calm and relaxed gentleman. Get your part safe and fun and have a good time, if you overact, it will show. If she sees strange things in you, it is normal that there is no second date, so behave naturally and even if she is the most beautiful girl in the world you should behave naturally.

You have to be the man who knows what he wants, having confidence and security is sexy, even the best businessman who moves millions of euros with total security, can feel uncomfortable in front of a beautiful girl. So if you think you should improve this, try reading some tricks that you can find in google or books to improve your safety in front of a woman. This does not mean acting as if you were a determined and confident man, it is about being one.

3-. Ignore the label or wear youth clothing

This is a mistake that is made more often than it seems. If you are older and you think you can just “appear” super sexy and attractive to a sugar babe, you are crazy. If you think that by having money everything is already solved in the sugarbaby topic you are crazy and also little informed.
It is clear that a 22-year-old can get up in the morning, go out the door and be super sexy with only ripped pants and a T-shirt. But you already know that you are not 22 and the same body that you had at that age.

If you are 40 years old and looking to connect with a sugar babe of 20, you will have to put a lot of effort into your appearance. I’m not talking about bathing and styling, this is obvious. I’m talking about making sure your toilet is impeccable. Cut your hair regularly, take care of your skin, use cologne and deodorant, dentist and your wardrobe must be updated. Dress for your age, but dress in style. We know that sometimes businesses do not leave us time for this, but there are online stores to buy clothes and colognes. Use a break to go to the hairdresser and always have an anti-fatigue moisturizer on hand.
Surely you will not get the look of George Clooney. But you do have to be in better shape, dress better and treat your body with whatever it takes to look better. Sugar babys are interested in men who take care of themselves and care about their appearance. I’m serious, a handsome older man always takes the cake.

4-. Don’t let external factors keep you from what you want

Dating young girls can sometimes make us nervous and not sure why. Here are some thoughts that may go through your head without realizing it and that may boycott your date with a sugar baby.
There are many older men who want to get together with younger girls, but they do not do so out of moral prejudice; in other cases, sugar dating goes wrong for this type of old-fashioned thinking:

  • You shouldn’t date a younger woman, that’s wrong.
  • People will think I’m a pedophile if I have dates with young girls.
  • No young girl is going to be attracted to an old man like me.

These are programmed thoughts. Thoughts that traditional, so old-fashioned society puts into the brains of older men that can be truly fantastic for a young girl. If you want to know more you can read this post: How to attract younger women

The actual facts are these:

  • There is nothing wrong with sugar dating a younger woman, since she is legally of legal age and also wants to date you.
  • There are many women who are eager to date a mature man. Many young women do not want the young, immature boy.
  • Unfortunately, there is some truth to the fact that the older gentleman is superficial because he is going with a younger woman. Generally, people who are not happy in their maturity are the most likely to see you happy with a young girl. Who cares? That’s all I have to say about this ..
Four mistakes of a sugardaddy in dating with young girls
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Four mistakes of a sugardaddy in dating with young girls
Learn The Mistakes Best Not To Make When Dating Young Girls
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