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In another post we already explained how to recognize a fake sugar daddy . But do you know the characteristics that sugar daddys have? When a sugar daddy looks for a sugar babe correction is essential and there are several characteristics that distinguish him from an ordinary man apart from the economic issue. In this post I tell you those special characteristics.

Many sugar babys are tired of “canned” dates and copy-like SDs.

1. They listen actively.

If you have been in this world for a long time, you have probably had several appointments, it is possible that little by little you are stopping listening. In our post on questions to ask on the first date, we already explained what to ask. But something that distinguishes a gentleman is the ability to listen.

We all enjoy talking to ourselves and about ourselves. But listening is something that not everyone knows how to do. Experience teaches mature men to listen and that honesty is important. Knowing how to ask the right questions is also important.

People who know how to listen will ask you to tell them stories about your life and details. A mature man usually asks open-ended questions such as What is your job? instead of: What do you work on?

Experience teaches mature men to listen and that honesty is important

2. They remember what is said in quotes.

Closely related to active listening is remembering what they tell you. There is no point in having a conversation to get to know a person if you don’t remember anything afterwards. On the other hand, if you do not remember anything, it means that you have not paid attention. In sugar dating it is important to understand the needs of the other person, that is why it is important to listen and remember.

Remembering what the other person wants or needs, such as a gift or activity, is a clear sign that they are a worthwhile sugardaddy. Remembering what is said in a conversation helps a relationship of this type get off to a good start.

3. They know how to ask you politely

There is a thing called the Benjamin Franklin effect , this establishes that it is more pleasant for a person to ask for a favor in good manners than to do them a favor. It sounds contradictory, but it is. This type of man, takes into account that a sugar baby can also help him. Asking a small favor or advice shows that you value the opinion of the person in front of you.

A sugar daddy knows how to ask for help if he is going to renew his wardrobe or in personal matters. (Tip: if he asks you to mow his lawn, bad).

4. They congratulate correctly

We all like compliments, but sincere and meaningful compliments. Everything. Usually a sugar daddy doesn’t do canned compliments on a date. The typical that you are beautiful looking at you up and down is not what is expected of a gentleman. Maybe say that dress looks great on you and that where you bought it … Maybe yes, but watch out for compliments. An SD pays exclusive and sincere compliments or shuts up.

A sugardaddy participates and celebrates the successes of his sugarbaby.

5. They emanate tranquility

Entrepreneurs and creditworthy people have generally learned to stay calm under fire. The life of a successful person is not as simple as it seems. They are people with leadership who know how to stay calm and do not collapse under pressure . That is why they are successful men.

Not everything can go well on a date. But whatever happens, an SD remains calm. Life is often improvisation and it is in those moments where a sugardaddy stands out.

6. They are not predictable or boring

SDs generally look for something different. Usually businessmen have a very ingrained routine, and it is in their leisure life that they try to break out of that routine.

Romance is about emotions and sugar dating is somehow also looking for this feeling. A man who accepts the typical or normal does not fit in what distinguishes a sugardaddy.

7. They are passionate

Normally a man who reaches something in life is because he has a passion. One of the things I always say is: to be interesting you first have to be interested. You know if he is a sugar daddy because he is usually passionate in certain subjects. When he talks about subjects that he is passionate about, he is usually worth listening to and praising.

When someone is passionate about something and is good at something, it means that they have sacrificed for it and have been tenacious in achieving it. This is a common feature of sugardaddys.

Final thoughts:

While there is no guarantee of chemistry, these characteristics are often crucial. But also the person in front of you must be yourself. These behaviors must be authentic and not manipulative.

7 characteristics that distinguish sugardaddy
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7 characteristics that distinguish sugardaddy
Learn the characteristics that a real sugar daddy must have.
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