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Man watches mobile while young girl explains mobile applications

Here are the sugar daddy apps that will make your life easier in sugar dating. We have sorted the lists into apps for sugarbabys first and sugar daddy last. I hope they help you!

5 essential apps for sugar babies

Today there are hundreds of applications that make our lives easier. For this reason, we have made a selection of 5 essential applications for sugar babies . Apps that you will not be able to live with once you download them to your mobile. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!

What are the 5 apps that sugar babies use the most?

Here we present a selection of the 5 applications that sugar babies use the most in their day to day. You will find everything from beauty, sports and music apps to an agenda app and a chat app.

Beautylish: An Essential Beauty App

It is a very useful application, in which you can find trends, makeup and hairstyles tutorials, as well as tips and inspiration. In addition, it is a very complete app because you can interact, giving opinions about products and advice. As a SB you have to always be perfect and what better than with recommendations from women like you. This app is available for phones with iOS and Android operating systems.

Cal: An App to not forget an appointment or commitment

One of the characteristics that distinguishes sugar daddys is punctuality. Von Cal is the quintessential sugar baby app. You can guess from its name that it is mainly based on a calendar. Its fame and its hundreds of downloads confirm its quality. With it you can organize your appointments and your commitments. In addition, it offers you the advantage of synchronizing it with your email. You will not miss your appointment with the hairdresser or the girl who does your nails. It will be your ally at all times!

Sport 7-minute workout: An app for sugar babies who want to be fit

It is clear that you take maximum care of yourself. So you will agree that an exercise app is essential. Wherever you are, whether at home or on an express trip with your sugar daddy , you will have your routines at hand with several 30-second exercises. You will only have to make a hole in your schedule to train 7 minutes a day. It couldn’t be easier!

The best thing about this application is that the training is divided into categories. So you can train the part of the body that interests you the most. You will see that once you start with the routine, it will be your allied and inseparable app.

Spotify: The quintessential music app

Can you imagine your dates without music? This means that you have Spotify on your mobile. And it is rare that it is not counted on. Since it is perfect to put background music. The best thing about this application is that you can make playlists according to the place of your appointment or the environment you want to create.

Avocado: An App to chat with your sugar daddy with all the necessary privacy

Avocado is, par excellence, another perfect application to talk to your SD, as it has many functionalities. This App allows you to be in contact with him either by message, through videos, photographs or even doodles. In addition, you can send your location and keep conversations with him secret without anyone else reading them.

A special feature of this application is that you can send hugs and kisses. If you bring the mobile to your chest, your sugar daddy will receive a hug, and if you want to send him a kiss, you only need to touch a photo.

5 essential apps for a sugar daddy

Today there are Apps for everything, some to make our lives easier and others to save us from uncomfortable moments. Discretion reigns in all kinds of situations, so it is important to have a series of Apps that work correctly to keep everything in order. Do you want to know what are the essential applications of a sugar daddy? Keep reading!

5 essential apps for a sugar daddy

There are many applications that can save you from annoying and uncomfortable questions. Above all, there are 5 that are essential in the mobile of all SD. From Apps to organize your agenda and appointments with your sugar baby, to other privacy applications . Discover all the applications that an SD usually uses.

Private Message Box: For those who want to keep their conversations secret

If you are looking for a chat that keeps your privacy to be a sugar daddy without problems , Private Message Box is your application. This sugar daddy App helps you keep the conversations that you decide completely secret, and thus avoid thinking if you deleted a message or not.

It is very easy to use, since you only have to save the contact in private. Thus, all the messages you receive will be hidden and only you will have access to them.

Telegram: A conventional chat with certain advantages

Following the same path, Telegram, one of the chatting applications par excellence. Although it is known and does not have the privacy system as developed, it works very well for having conversations with a sugar baby.

Since it is a free system that allows you to have secret conversations without causing suspicion. In addition, it allows you to delete messages without leaving a trace.

My Black Book: A perfect sugar daddy App to eliminate the trace of calls in your agenda

Another of the applications that a sugar daddy usually has is My Black Book. Some of the most common mistakes made by sugar daddies with family charges is leaving the chat open. This App helps to delete any call record from your mobile. In addition, any suspicious names in your mobile phone book will also be hidden. It is one of the advantages of using these applications, which automatically deletes calls made to certain numbers.

Slydial: An app to block calls

Sometimes we receive calls at unwanted or inappropriate times. For this reason, the Slydial application is used to block incoming calls that occur at bad times. The calls from your sugar baby will go directly to a voicemail that you will have access to anytime you want.

Secret Camera Recorder: An app to record who snoops on your mobile

It is an App that is used to know if someone has been looking at your mobile. Secret Camera Recorder will help you to know if there is someone who is taking your mobile without permission and is looking for information.

You know how it works? In case someone wants to unlock your mobile phone, it will record the person who is trying it, or it will take a photo with the front camera. This way you will keep your life in total privacy. Surely if you want to be a happy sugar daddy , these applications will be very helpful.

Do you want to start as a sugar baby?

If you want to try the world of sugar dating you are on the perfect page. Fill in your profile and start chatting.

Must-have apps for Sugardaddys and Sugarbabys
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Must-have apps for Sugardaddys and Sugarbabys
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