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There are many wonderful girls who want to be sugar babys, girls who value maturity, status and knowing how to be. However, in this world sugar daddys can meet girls who may have more salt than sugar. There are actions in a sugarbaby that can ruin the experience of a mature man seeking the company of a young girl. This makes even the most generous daddys feel skeptical of this world and abandon their search. It should be clarified that some sugar babys may have the characteristics that I am talking about in this post. This does not mean that they are the type of SB I am talking about, many sugar babes are new to the game and still do not know very well how they should behave.

There are several types of sugarbabes that you should know and reject if you meet them:

The sugar baby sucker

We have called it that because of its addiction to “sucking sugar”. This SB is more concerned with her assignment than anything else and constantly demands more, even more, than the mutually established agreement. While this Sugar Baby may have great goals, its dependence on sugar has made it ironically salty.

He will demand money from you on the first date and before the first date in a very direct way. It is not bad that she asks you for help on the first date to pay the taxi for the gas in her car or to spend the week, the difference is that this type of baby will demand it from you very directly. Sometimes they would do well at first before beginning to demand too much.

In this type of SB there can also be addiction problems and of course it is not convenient for you to continue with it since whatever is happening can lead to a complicated situation. It can be tremendously suggestive to get more and more, don’t get carried away and run away.

The sugar babe Gamer

This Sugar Baby may seem wonderful until you discover his need to play with his Sugar Daddy. They are people who have usually required a lot of attention in the past. They are usually very pretty and flirty. They often cancel appointments at the last minute and conveniently. However, they respond quickly when the issue is a subsidy. She always has a trick up her sleeve, leaving her Sugar Daddy exhausted and upset.

They are usually girls who look superior and like to feel that way while playing with others. Just don’t be mad as soon as I do it to you twice don’t call her anymore.

This sugar baby is not a crazy person and she knows what she is doing, she looks for fast money and they invent false problems like “her mother is sick in the hospital and she needs money to pay the bills”, or “how her brother got into some kind of disaster and she needs money to solve the problem, “all to make you feel sorry for her, I only know that she is one of the false ones”.

Sugar babby Bitter

This is the Sugar Baby with a bad attitude that no amount of allocation or attention can make sweet. She is usually an attractive girl used to having all the men go after her. She is not pleasant with her short answers, short temper and disrespectful nature. No amount of beauty compensates for her cutting disposition and bad attitude. She sits on a throne higher than the rest of the world, or so she thinks.

Sometimes this type of sugar babes can improve over time and it never hurts to give them a second chance since sometimes that wall they put up for defense hides a nice and nice girl. However, if you think it is too much, do not get carried away by its beauty and leave.

Sugar baby Shark

Be very careful, beneath her appearance as a good girl hides a female velociraptor worse than that of Jurasic Park. This is the worst type of Salt Baby, she uses blackmail and extortion tactics to get what she wants. Use manipulation techniques to try to keep friends and family away from them so they don’t open your eyes. She will be jealous and will make you think she loves you and wants to be with you at all times.

She knows very well what is going on, she wants to be a rich and powerful woman and she will go above all else, you are a business from which you can get as much profit as possible. If at any time you notice that they are manipulating to take you to a bottomless pit feet so that I love you.

You should always be careful to keep your private life safe because one of these girls can ruin your life through blackmail, she will want to know where you live, if you are married if you have children, where you work. Beware there are blackmail professionals who make a living from this.

A personal reflection

As I mentioned above, some girls are still finding their place in the world of sugardaddys and may have certain “fictional” behaviors without really knowing how to behave. Finding a real sugar daddy who wants to help a young girl for them is not always easy. Escamers and people just looking for a quick fuck sometimes confuse starting girls and so the accommodating demeanor they started with may turn out to be more edge or different. If you are a real man you will know how to treat her and show her that not all sugar daddys are the same.

Types of Sugar babes you should never meet
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Types of Sugar babes you should never meet
We show you which are the types of sugarbabys that it is better not to know or have dates with them.
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