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man and woman are happy and smile Of all the factors that determine success in dating young girls or sugar daddys, compatibility is the most important. You have to take into account certain qualities that a sugar baby must have and we must also know the types of sugar daddys that exist . Other factors such as communication, honesty, sincerity, and commitment in these types of relationships do count, but a sugardady type relationship has a greater chance of success when both parties have a lot in common.

The problem with compatibility is that you can’t really judge until the relationship has started. Until a couple has spent significant time together, they can’t judge whether they are completely compatible with each other or not, however here are some tips to help you assess your relationship at first.

Compatibility benefits

If two people reach an agreement and they also have things in common, their relationship can be very easy. It can be a stress-free relationship, since neither will have to make extra efforts very often to please the other; they just have to be themselves. The fear of taking offense disappears causing the relationship to flow naturally. When there is compatibility, a positive energy is radiated that makes this type of relationship an honest, pleasant and lasting exchange.

These types of relationships should always be drama-free and in tune . There can be conflict in any relationship, but people with common interests and a prior agreement can easily avoid drama and make their relationship fun. So, to keep your relationship running smoothly, spend your energy finding a partner who is compatible with you.

Why should we look for compatibility?

Compatibility issues don’t necessarily arise from the start. A Sugar Baby and a Sugar Daddy can really get along and find out later that they are not a good match. When you start dating you can’t do much to be incompatible. The best time to determine if you’re not on the same page with your Sugar Daddy is before the relationship begins.

It is important to make a conscious effort to get to know the person’s personalities. Getting to know each other is the best time to judge if the person sitting next to you is the one they are really looking for. It is essential that a successful relationship be honest from the beginning to avoid regret later.

How to know if we are compatible with an SD / SB?

Things we do in free time.

Beach or mountain? Peli y manta or Music Festival? What we do in free time is one of the easiest ways to know if you are compatible. When we look for a sugar dating relationship it is to have a good time doing activities. If your future Sugardaddy / babe likes to go to punk / techno concerts at 2 in the morning and you like to get up on Sunday mornings to jog and then go rock climbing, it’s hard for you to come up with anything.

Enjoying free time together is basic in this type of relationship , so the first thing we should do is know what you like to do in your free time. If we are looking for a long-term relationship that is beneficial and truly fulfilling, doing things in common helps a lot.

Different ways of wanting / different forms of relationship.

Each person has an amount of closeness or attachment that they can tolerate. There are super loving people who love to constantly be hugging and kissing. There are other people who do not like physical contact in public or who are not so affectionate. Normally, we all have a middle ground. The reality is that if your attachment style is compatible, the relationship has a good chance of going well.

We know if a person is more affectionate by looking at how he treats things and especially how he treats others. If you smile or touch the waiter at dinner. If you constantly pet your pet or only a little.

Also if you look at how it treats objects, have you noticed that there are people who wipe it when wiping it with the napkin? Others fold it.
These details can help you know if a person is more or less affectionate and the style they have in relating to things. If you like being hugged all the time, you should look for a SB / SD that is loving. If you like to go to your ball more and not so much hug because you know …


Would you go live for a year with the person in front of a desert island? Well, we must not exaggerate either, but we must ask ourselves if the sugar babe or sugar daddy we are meeting could meet this expectation.
The way of being on a date can tell us a lot about what that person is like in privacy. After an appointment ask yourself, would I go on a cruise with him / her for a month? If the answer is yes, you may be compatible for a sugar dating relationship.

Another way to find out what kind of commitment you can offer is to know about your past relationships, whether you are a person with long or short relationships.

Sex and sex could not miss.

Well we already know that in a Sugar dating relationship sex can have a place or not. However, whether or not there is sex, the sexual preferences of the person in front of us can be a sign of compatibility.
According to the couple therapist José García Canales, the compatibility in bed is equivalent to 80% in a relationship. If your future relationship has similar tastes in bed, you will surely be compatible with it in other aspects.
If he likes pink lingerie and silk dresses and you like to go with leather corsets and latex pants, it is very likely that you are not compatible in the relationship.


Instinct usually tells us first of all if the person in front of us is compatible. Trust your instinct, if you don’t feel comfortable on dates or something tells you not to follow. Don’t waste time trying to prove yourself wrong and turn the page.

re you compatible with your sugar daddy or your sugar babe? 5 signs to know
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re you compatible with your sugar daddy or your sugar babe? 5 signs to know
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