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Sugardaddy with many girls in one bed

SeñorX is one of our most popular sugardaddys. Although I have only met him on WhatsApp, I have to admit that he is a most unique type, he is always very busy, working?

Well, a long time ago I asked him to tell me a little about how he was doing and he told me that he was with several girls and talking, the idea came up for him to do a little tutorial.

Which after a little insistence, he agreed. Well here I leave you what you have sent me to the mail I hope it works for you. If you want to find Mister X you can find him in sugardaddymadrid.

I found sugar daddy Lodon by chance since I use other social networks and when I entered I did not see much movement, although I liked it because it seemed much more real than other networks where false profiles abound. From the beginning, Pablo the Web Master welcomed me and I established a friendly relationship with him. Sugardaddy United Kingdom is now like a small family and I like it, hopefully it will grow and continue to have this good vibes among all. There is already talk of meeting between all we will see …

Well after this little presentation and as Pablo asked me I will tell you some tips to deal with several girls and that everything turns out well

While monogamy is still the dominant cultural form, monogamy is not for everyone and polygamy is not going to ruin the world. For some sugardaddies, having multiple sugarbabes at the same time is a great dream and a demonstration of success. This does not make you a womanizer or a bad man. You can have multiple arrangements simultaneously and still be a gentleman. However, this choice does not come without responsibilities. The best thing is to know how to lead this life without hurting a girl or lose a friendship for not taking it well.


One way to keep everyone happy, both in business and in relationships, is to be honest. Be honest about yourself and be honest with the girls that you are going to help with what you want. Never hide that you are seeing other women. If you are not going to date her exclusively, you have to be completely clear about your intentions. She needs to know that you are not in a monogamous relationship. Let her know what the arrangement is going to be like and how much time you are going to spend with her. Being open and honest will save you from drama along the way.


If you want multiple sugar babes, you need to be an expert in time management. And I am not talking about doing a time management course that tells you to get up two hours before and go to bed an hour later. I’m talking about keeping a rhythm in relationships. Relationships should be pleasant for both you and them and you must find your ideal rhythm of life. A good rule of thumb is to always keep a mental calendar and meticulously keep appointment dates separate. Get out your spreadsheet and plan your schedule so you can give each woman a little of her time.


Women are still women. As time passes, it is quite common to start feeling jealousy and insecurity. You need to assess whether she is handling the ‘openness’ emotionally well. You have to acknowledge her feelings and deal with the fact that she feels somewhat rejected. Do everything you can to comfort her and make her feel special.


Going out with a few women at a time doesn’t make you a jerk, but being mean to them does make you so. Having other options is not an excuse to be an idiot and these women do not owe you anything. Any man can have some girlfriends, but it takes a real man to treat a woman properly. Give her the attention she wants, pamper her as much as you can, if they are there it is because they need something else. If you put a little effort into learning to treat each one of them in a special way, you will be appreciated and valued.

Tips to be with several sugababy
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Tips to be with several sugababy
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