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Smiling man and woman look at world ball It’s surprising, but true, there are some sugar daddies who want a romantic relationship, with or without intimacy involved. You might think that there is no platonic sugar daddy, but there really is. Platonic sugar dadies are definitely real. Also, they are usually very generous, beyond your wildest dreams.

While platonic daddys aren’t the most common type, you can still turn a cold relationship into something else. The romantic relationship with a sugar daddy may be your best option if you are looking to travel to wonderful places, luxurious gifts and enjoy dinner in the best restaurants in the city. However, if you’re looking for a monthly allowance, paying bills, or college, it doesn’t usually work.

When creating your profile on sugardaddy UK it is important that you are clear about what you are looking for. So you can find your ideal sugar dating. For example, putting “I love to travel and go out for dinner” will serve so that the SD who cannot go out for marriage or other reasons do not write to you. If, on the other hand, you say that “you don’t want to travel and that you would like to pay the unit”, it will help other types of Sugardaddys write to you.

Why look for this type of relationship?

Some sugar babies have the concept of sugar dating as a job, others as a way to get experiences and others as a bit of everything. Looking for this type of relationship can have several advantages over others:

  1. These types of sugar daddies are usually separate or single people so they will have much more time for you.
  2. They usually have the concept of sex in the background looking for more love and company.
  3. They are also often people looking to do new and different things and try new things just like you.
  4. Some are separate people and in a difficult moment of loneliness or lack of affection, which will help you connect with them.
  5. Some may be married and only seek company because they feel alone without any sex involved.

We must recognize that not all agreements involve sexual relations. There are numerous connections and relationships that are mutually beneficial and do not include sex at all. You may be wondering how to find the “platonic deals with sugar daddys.” In this article we will try to teach you everything about these types of agreements and how to find them:

Present yourself as a flirtatious friend

To achieve a romantic agreement you must present yourself as a friendly, sensitive and flirtatious person. This is the complete opposite of a FWB or “friend with benefits” where she stays from time to time just for pleasure with nothing in exchange for something. Highlight your emotional and physical aspect, sex will always be far from being the main or the secondary. Hugs and affection undoubtedly play a very important role in this type of relationship.

Connect with your spiritual side

Connect with your most romantic and spiritual side, give hugs and be affectionate. Try to put aside the economic issue and highlight things you would like to do such as travel, go to events, theaters, or concerts.
Surely you have dreams like going to NY for a weekend, navigating the canals of Venice or going to see that very expensive event, propose these types of outings and things.

Also try to enjoy simple things like hot chocolate in a cafeteria, ice cream, flowers or details of this type. The best thing is to connect spiritually and understand at every moment the needs of your sugar daddy. Listening to romantic music can also help you connect with the feelings of a man who needs love.

Meet single or divorced daddys

Single sugar daddies and especially divorced ones are usually more open to this type of agreement. Romance and agreement must be clear from the start as others are often totally closed to romantic issues because of bad experiences. If you are looking for this type of agreement do not hesitate to ask through the chat if you are single or married. You can also ask if he likes to travel or what plans he likes to do so you can know from the beginning if it is the type of SD you are looking for.

Know romantic places to visit to propose

  • Romantic Getaway : A weekend skiing getaway is a perfect way to start a romance.
  • Excursions and picnic: Have a picnic somewhere discreet where you can talk and enjoy nature
  • Dinner in restaurant: There are also very romantic restaurants where you can take your sugardaddy
  • Dinner at your house: A dinner with candles and calm music can be a good occasion to cook for him.
  • Spa: Spas are very relaxing and if there are not many people they can also invite the affection between you.
  • The Cinema: A Perfect Place to Relive Platonic Sugar Daddy Romance You will surely love a movie date. Watch a classic movie or premiere together. Having a quiet dinner after the movie can be a great option

Never play with a man’s feelings

The search for romanticism in relationships is also the result of hurt hearts. And is that money sometimes is not everything, you must be part of the cure and not the disease. In the sugar daddy world we are to complement each other and enrich relationships, not to subtract and weaken them by absorbing and demanding from others what we are lacking.

Does Platonic Sugar Daddy Exist? How to get a sugary romance
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Does Platonic Sugar Daddy Exist? How to get a sugary romance
Know what a platonic sugardaddy is and what this type of relationship is like
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