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It is always difficult to count on our closest friends and family for help and advice on this matter. So we usually search the Internet for tips and stories from other SugarBabys, and then jump into the pool, knowing nothing about the SugarBaby world.

Most of us learn about the SugarDaddy world in the most difficult way – living sometimes not very pleasant experiences.

This is fine, no one said that life is easy, but it also takes a long time and you unnecessarily expose yourself to bad times. So do yourself a favor and give this article a quick read – it’s hard to get enough experience, and reading this will only take 10 minutes to learn.

Here are the 7 things every new SugarBaby should know

Start with yourself.

Self-knowledge is not something you can learn from one day to the next or by subscribing to the sugardaddy site in UK – it is a lifelong process. What do we mean by this? Well, you simply must know what fits with your way of being. Like, what kind of men are you the best to get along with or what kind of personalities you can’t bear. Knowing yourself well and asking yourself what you want to achieve will help you to go down this path more sure of yourself and to get rid of people who cannot give you what you want to achieve.

A bad experience

Sugardater dating is the same as real life dating where people who get along with others tend to be much more successful . So the first step is to know who your ideal person is and then go for him. It is possible that at some point during your  experience in the SugarDaddy – Sugarbaby world , you will meet people that you do not like at all.

These types of men make assumptions about you and don’t appreciate you, and they generally think they are the most important men in the world and are full of ego. The best thing you can do is ignore them, or give them a good cut without selling yourself and put up with nonsense, you must make them respect you, block them and forget about them.

Something important to keep in mind:  Getting these guys out of your life as soon as possible is paramount. Don’t let them fool you. Because dealing with a fool is one thing, but dealing with a fool and then assuming or assuming all SugarDaddys are morons is just fooling yourself. There are very good men who can help and mentor you. It’s like going to Rome, finding an idiot, and then declaring that all Italians are idiots. Ridiculous, right?

Sincerity is sexy for people with money.

Good times are easy but you have to know how to make your way towards them. Trust is the most difficult thing to gain in a relationship with a mature and wealthy man . If you manage to establish a relationship of trust with a potential sugar daddy (POT), you will be differentiating yourself from 99% of SugarBabes. The Internet is a collection of people who go on dates sometimes just to see what happens. Many Sugar Daddys may be on their first date with you and with some suspicion and this is magnified when it comes to a rookie SugarBaby .

There are many shadows in youth, drugs, little employment, robberies. You must understand that they are money people and they do not want to be deceived, they are people who have already dealt with problems with people who have tried to take advantage of them. All Sugardaddy’s could find a fancy prostitute but they don’t because they are looking for something else. So earn your trust, be discreet and personable, this will make you stand out from the crowd.

You should feel comfortable with money and talk about what you need.

In another post I will write about how to talk about money, you can subscribe if you want to receive an email when you upload new entries. Don’t stammer or stutter or look down when you talk about money or what you need. In short: don’t be afraid to talk about what it knows and you know that you are a Sugar baby. Of course, we have to be elegant when we talk about this topic, we must avoid saying “give me the fucking money”, (just kidding).

But it is clear that finances are important, that is the reason why you are there. If we don’t learn to talk about it, we may be going round and round the topic and not reaching any conclusion. You should not leave your first date without knowing what you need and what your new SugarDaddy can offer you.

Never, ever have sex on the first date

There are no exceptions to this rule. Under no circumstances will you be given sex on the first date or leave the first date with the first gift or with money. You are not a new car, you are not a Scort, there are many differences between a sugar baby and an escort . If you insist, you must say goodbye and leave it. You should only have sex with your sugardaddy if you really want to do it. Escorts must have sex with men for money, it is their job, but you are not a scort and you decide if you want to have sex or not with your sugardaddy.

On the other hand, if he is asking for sex on the first date, there is a good chance that you will not reach an agreement. Maybe a real SugarDaddy will test you to see if you are going to have sex with them on the first date, but if he insists, it is not a real SugarDaddy. Most of the men who do this are guys who go into post sugardatimg sites to see what the real SugarDaddys are like or to snoop around but they will never intend to do something for you. I walked away from these fake protectors fast.

Be ruthless with fake SugarDaddys

Nor should you be the world’s biggest bastard, keep in mind that they are people with needs and perhaps they do it because they do not have a great life. What I mean is that you must be relentless with your time and protect your emotions. Do not get into the rag of chaining yourself to people who are not going to contribute, do not make them become endless relationships or have a huge list of false SugarDaddys who want to spend time with you for free.

In this world you are not to play the boyfriends with people who are not going to give you any benefit. And even less are you in this world so that some repressed idiot or that has problems with women makes you lose time or self-esteem. Here you can learn how to spot false sugar daddies.

The sweet pot

I call the pot sweet when the subject starts to smell. In other words, you begin to realize that the man in front of you is not a real SugarDaddy. So when you notice a whiff of fake sugar daddy get away quickly. This includes the sweet pots you have been to on various dates and have not yet been given anything to improve your life. This includes pots that say and do things that make you feel like shit. It also includes the pots that are constantly calling you and saturating you with text messages. All the time you waste on these fake mentors is time you can use to get to know your ideal SugarDaddy.

7 things you need to know if you're a Swagar
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7 things you need to know if you're a Swagar
Learn the things you should know before being a sugarbaby.
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