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man money UK Definition: A sugar daddy is a man with some financial success who seeks the company of beautiful young women through an economic agreement in which he does not have to contemplate sexual relations.

According to Wikipedia Sugar Dadd and is “a man who offers support (typically financial and material) to a younger companion” which in Spanish means “A man who offers support (typically financial and material) to a younger partner.”

According to Wiktionary Sugar Daddy it is : “Man who offers money or gifts to another person in exchange for company or sexual favors”

In recent months we have talked a lot about the sugardaddy world, sugar dating and the sugarbaby world. But what is really a sugardaddy?

The reality is that Sugar relationships and dating go far beyond mere sexual relationships and many times sexual relationships do not exist. The sugardaddy world goes beyond receiving money and on many occasions girls receive gifts or other benefits. A sugardaddy sugarbabe relationship is based on respect functioning as a stable and continuous relationship over time with different forms of fun outings and trips.

 Generous men and attractive girls would be the possible summary, although successful men are also often intelligent and seek intelligence and education. There are many types of sugar daddies but in this post we will explain the characteristics that a real Sugar Daddy should have.

How is a sugardaddy in your life?

A SugarDaddy is usually a busy person who wants to have a dating style. He likes to go out and relax, laugh and have fun in his spare time with a pretty girl and in good company, often with friends and other sugarbabys.

In exchange for the time a sugarbaby spends with her mentor, she receives gifts of money or support. A sugardaddy is a business man and can keep an agreement with several sugarbabys at the same time until he finds the one he likes best. The normal thing is that in the end he keeps one for years, even reaching the marriage in some cases.

Very often the drawback of SugarDaddy and for what you are looking for this kind of agreements is the lack of time to find a stable and normal partner. Being the most available sugarbaby you can usually stay with her whenever you want without problems for a few hours or take her on a trip.

There are many misconceptions about the dynamics that lead to these kinds of relationships. The most common is that daddys are only interested in hot encounters with young girls, but that’s easier with a scort don’t you think? Physical attractiveness is a component that all daddys look for in babys, there is no denying that this is the case.

We already know that sugardaddys give gifts, jewelry and money, but what is a Sugardaddy really looking for? I think by answering this question we will be much closer to knowing what a sugardaddy is.


The ability to be discreet in a young girl and remain silent when necessary and the sensitivity so that what happens to him should not be told to everyone.

Many sugardaddys occupy high-level positions and their private affairs can cause problems if they jump publicly, costing them a job or worsening their life or family status.

Even sugardaddies with their own businesses can see their reputation in the small business world splashed by any drama associated with a sugarbaby. So they look for girls who can be trusted and discretion is an important part of that trust.


Obviously, a Sugardaddy does not want to be scammed. But security concerns extend to other areas. A sugar baby must lead a “discreet” and healthy lifestyle if he really wants to have a good and generous sugardaddy. This means zero drugs, not having unprotected sex, and staying away from weird companies. In short, being a normal student and calm girl


A sugardaddy is looking for a contribution looking for “value” in a relationship keep in mind that he has no money for making bad decisions, not having studied or for making bad investments. Therefore, you must be a good investment of your time and money. The important thing is that what you offer him is as valuable as what he gives you, affection, laughter, etc … To be a successful sugarbabe you must know what your sugardaddy likes and improve it.

The answer to the fact that he is a sugardaddy is so varied and complex that it would be difficult to explain it in a single post , in all blog posts you can discover a little more about the sugardate world. There are many different relationships in this world and it is best to find the right one for both of you.

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What is a SugarDaddy?
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