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sugar baby kiss a sugardaddy There are a ton of different types of men you will meet in the SugarDaddy world, and within each type of SugarDaddy there is a world . When I look back on the past four years I have been in this world, I can limit it to six types of men you will meet in your quest for the perfect SugarDaddy. Oh, the dreaded conversation of “Where did you get that bag?” Or, better yet, “How did you pay for that bag?” In general, the sugar provided by SugarDaddys is not something you could normally pay for yourself! Since I am a full-time Sugarbaby, you will often receive a series of routine questions. For some Sugarbaby’s, it may not be difficult at all to tell their families where it all comes from … but for others, telling their friends and family will be more complicated.

Telling your friends the truth is one thing, but your family is another, so I suggest you first break the ice with your friends. Regardless of how you choose to do it, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

Be selective who you talk to about it:

You don’t have to tell everyone that you are a sugar baby ; You really just need to tell those closest to you who can ask you the most questions or worry the most. I would also suggest having a conversation with them and asking them to respect your decisions and privacy. It is possible that some people confuse Sugar babie with an escort so we wrote the post 5 differences between a sugar baby and an escort so that you can explain what it is about.

You don’t have to tell them everything either, but try not to lie.

If you start saying things like “My friend just bought me this gold necklace because we are so good friends” or “Yes, I found these Christian Louboutin from Goodwill in a thrift store” then your friends and family will want to meet your friends and start shopping with you :-). Generally the smartest thing to say is that you accompany men to high-profile events and that everything is paid. For example, if I go to a VIP dinner with a man, they pay for the outfit, shoes, accessories, etc., and that allows me to stay with them.

I tell them that 50% of things are from events and that the other 50% are gifts after the fact because we form a friendship and we keep in touch. That is the easy part and it is not a lie. What can be difficult to explain is the issue of money.

The people closest to you will try to label you as an escort, but do not judge them because they still do not know where the money comes from. It is important that you explain to them that you have a long-term friendship and a bond. It is important to show that your SugarDaddys are mentors and this seems to be going well, people who help you achieve your own goals, which is 100% true.

Don’t punish yourself for your kind of life:

Sometimes people just won’t understand it, no matter how normal it sounds or how you wear it normally. It is important to have a clear line between your Sugarbabby life and your personal life and the less you link the two, the less problems you will have. keep in mind that being a sugar baby is a lifestyle. These are some secrets of the sugar baby lifestyle .

Beware of showing off

If your friends and family are not 100% aware, be careful. The problem is that there are few things that make you speak more than envy . If you are in university, the best thing to do is go unnoticed on this topic.

For me, I am a full-time student and have no livelihood other than my Sugardaddies. It is not so much to my parents that worries me if I publish a photo of my new Macbook and the Hermes scarf on Facebook, it is other people who can give you problems. It is better to be discreet.

Sugarbaby lifestyle

The lifestyle of a sugar baby is very similar to a double life but without the stress of having to hide. However, going unnoticed and being one more is important.

For a few people that I have selected, I am a Sugar baby… but for the rest of the world I am an average college student, so I pride myself on being one. Occasionally I can get to the university in a car with my Sugar daddy, but most of the time, I arrive by public transport like everyone else.

If you are afraid of being judged, let humility speak for you.

Let them know that you are doing this for you. Don’t let them think that you are doing it for someone else or that you are working for someone else. It is important that they know that this is your personal decision and that you set the limits. By letting them know that you are in control of what happens, they may be more at peace with your decision to lead a Sugarbabby lifestyle.

Think about your safety.

One of the biggest problems you can have is that your friends and family worry about your safety. This is completely understandable, so it is good to specify a couple of things:

  1. one, someone always knows my location in case something happens.
  2. Two, I have a keyword or a certain emoji that I will send to several different people if I am in danger and they know they should call the police and send them to my location immediately.

This is very complicated that it can happen, the normal thing is that the appointments are developed very well and with respect. However having these keys will reassure people who care about you.

You must enjoy prospering and be happy with your kind of life.

Now I only have a SugarDaddy in London after having dated several, and you could too. It is easier to have your friends and family on board when you are honest and when they are not being bombarded with questions about you.


7 Tips on what to say about your sugarbaby life
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7 Tips on what to say about your sugarbaby life
Seven tips to improve your life as a sugarbabe
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